Students Against Standardized Testing

10) What do Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, and Issac Newton have in common? 
A) They're all smart
B) They're all old
C) They've all made history

A, B, C, and D are all correct answers.

Standardized testing, including SAT, ACT , and GRE is not only an inaccurate indicator of a student's success, but also biased toward

1) Minority students
2) Non-typical white middle-class Americans
3) Students with test anxiety
4) Students with short term memory
5) Students with learning disabilities
6) Students who think differently or at a higher order
7) International students (including British and other English speaking countries)
8) Females

Students are not given a fair opportunity to demonstrate their competence, due to a test that is created by the white middle class (ETS), targeted and adjusted for white, middle-class, Americans.  Actions against standardized testing are being implemented across the U.S.

1) Colleges must become SAT/ACT optional or minimize focus on SAT/ACT scores
2) Standardized testing material must be changed to cater students of all sex, races, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds

How is a British student supposed to know that the SAT is referring to "American football", when it is defined as "soccer" in the British context?  How is an Indian student supposed to know how much a "nickel" is when he has never learned about the American currency?

Please help support Students Against Standardized Testing, to ensure fair opportunities for all of us out there fighting for college acceptances and jobs!

Thank you! :)
We the undersigned,

Petition for colleges and universities in the U.S. to become test optional in their admissions processes, or minimize focus on such test scores, due to test bias against certain student groups, such as gender, racial and cultural differences. 

The SAT test was originally created in 1937 by James Bryant Conant as a social tool for his idealistic dreams of a classless and democratic American society.  This test was made for white, middle class, American males to excel.  This remains the same today, thus posing a strong bias toward any non-typical white, middle-class, American.

Among the great men in American history, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and Martin Luther King have failed miserably on certain sections of the SAT tests.  They are deprived of opportunities to attend elite colleges, yet emerge in later years with bright and motivating speeches and discoveries.

With all being said, standardized testing should not be excluded completely.  However, changes made to test material and to college admissions processes can raise intellectual standards in colleges and workplaces by bringing intelligent and high potential young men and women into their communities.

As our generation tends toward becoming a global community, we hope our voices can be listened to, and would be grateful to be given equal opportunities to demonstrate our competence through a fair and accurate test for all, not just the white, middle-class Americans.
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