STOP Animal Cruelty They Should BE JAILED!!!

No Life of any kind should have to go through Cruelty.....and its" UP" TO "US'   TO HELP   make change...Please do your part, speak up to save a Life that can't talk !!!! Thank You!
Animal Cruelty  Lehigh County  a  Judge  sentenced a man to 18 months of probation, and dropped the animal cruelty charge. No jail time for Pennsylvania man who had sex with a small dog
A Bethlehem, Pa., man has pleaded guilty to having sexual intercourse with a dog,  .

Anyone doing this should be made  TO WORK and be supervises to make sure their PAY goes to Animal Cruelty, and to shelters for 5 years or more!!!! And NO GETTING OUT OF IT!! !!!
Maybe then, they will think twice. About doing it...and pay a reward for anyone who see's anyone doing  this, to go to the cops ...Laws have to be CHANGED for ALL Animals , shelters will have help to pay for the care of Animals this way . More has to be done all over the world to these people. about this.

STOP Animal Cruelty They Should BE JAILED!!!

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 Thank YOU for hearing the People... and making Change...for those Who DON'T have a VOICE.

Update #33 years ago
Thank You almost we can do something about this . And show the world when we stand together change can be made...for the HELL these poor animals go through for nothing..!! To all who have signed and will You are their Voices...Love and Peace YOU .
Update #23 years ago
Please help pass the word to all you know . To help give a voice and Jail anyone who Torchers who abuse all Life. Thank you!! God Bless you .for help making Change!
Update #14 years ago
I have shared my family and friends...but I guess they don't have the same thoughts on my petition . For Jail time for these 's heartless people who torcher Animals all over the world...And some have said .that I am promoting ..Animal .cruelty ..when I show a pics of what s going on . But I will be True to myself and keep to those'd who have signed on be hafe of Animal Cruelty . Thank YOU!! PLEASE !! Tell your friends...Blessings to you and the Animals to be safe...
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