child labour

child labour is a really big thing in some countries children are being forecd to work in sweatshop for 20 cents an hour they work long hours in very poor conditions sometime the children are abused and mistreated. These children are taken from there homes and put in factories, forced to make hundreds of shoes. clothing. etc,  for that the owners of the factories or sweatshops dont have to pay adults the price that they would have to. They trick kids and tell them they are being payed what they should because children dont have the experience of a really good paying job so they dont know how much they need to be payed.

Its important to put a stop to child labour because  22,000 children die every year from the ages of 4 to 18 due to work related accidents and as a world community we need to put a stop to child labour before more kids are taken from there homes and put in factories and forced to work in horrible conditions..

child labour refers to the employment of children in any work depriving children of their childhood, interferes with their ability to attend regular school, and that it is mentally, physically, socially or morally dangerous and harmful.

Australia annually imports $16 million worth of tobacco produced by child labor, including tobacco produced in the U.S. Tobacco cultivation is extremely labor intensive and children are often subjected to serious health risks including nicotine poisoning.

In poor countries all around the world there are 168 million child that were taken away from their families and forced  to work in really bad conditions being abused and torchered.This is why we all need to come together and get the governments to shut down the factories and sweatshops that are supporting child labour and that have them working for them for 20 cents an hour and not getting enough nutrition and care that they need to stay healthy and alive.

so help me bring a stop to child labour.

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