Stop the City of Sacramento from Increasing Parking Fees and Times

  • by: Natalie Rios
  • recipient: Mayor Kevin Johnson, Vice Mayer Allen Warren, Sacramento City Council Members Angelique Ashby, Jeff Harris, and Steve Hansen

According to local news sites, the Sacramento City Council is talking about hiking parking fees in the midtown Sacramento region.  KCRA reports that residents and those who work in the midtown area will be affected by the time change and will be seeing increased parking rates from $1.25 per to $1.75 per hour.

They will be pushing the time limits for parking from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. According to a recent story published by the SN&R, city officials will be "scrapping the 6 p.m. start time for free parking on city streets and moving it significantly later, to 2 a.m."  That's right, parking meters will be expected to be fed until 2 a.m. If not, parking citations of $52.50 will be expected from the city. 

Adding to the inconvenience of having to feed meters until 2 in the morning, Sundays as well as weekends are currently being discussed. "The shrinking of free parking hours into a 2 a.m.-to-8 a.m. block could also be extended through all seven days of the weeks, eradicating the amnesty parking that city dwellers have gotten used to on Sundays."

As if that wasn't enough, holidays will also be off the market for free parking days. Parking will be charged on the street for holidays, including Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Please sign this petition to let city officials know that the citizens of Sacramento did not sign up for paying increased parking meter charges and longer worry times. It is an outrage that they decided on building a huge infrastructure within city limits and are scapegoating finances through citizens in this sneaky way. They chose to build an arena, let them figure out where they can pull the money from. Not our wallets. Let's say not to this aberrant and rushed money grab, let's say no to extended parking citation times, and let's say no to having to pay for parking on days that belong to us as citizens.  

According to KCRA, City Council will be discussing any finalized changes in August, let's let them know where we stand on this issue.  

For further reading: Sacramento News and Review > > Blogs > Page Burner, July 15, 2015 The Sacramento Bee, July 23, 2015, July 28, 2015 

Hello Mayor and City Council members, 

We are collectively gathering this petition against any fee hikes within the Sacramento Region.  As local area tax-paying citizens, we do not accept any decisions to increase hourly parking meter rates or extended parking meter hours including weekends or holidays.  It is an outrage and an unacceptable grab for funding that we have not chosen to be liable for.  Putting accountability to fund local infrastructure is not a component of our livelihoods which we have taken on voluntarily.  It is an infringement on our rights as citizens to impose such charges on working class citizens in order to profit from the resulting revenue when we will not be seeing any return on market or profitability.  You choose to impose on your citizens and reap the benefits of our hard earned money with no qualms about where the bill is charged.  We are not your piggy banks and we will not accept this as a new burden to serve your agenda.  This is unacceptable and discriminatory for those who rely on public parking services for work, recreation, and subsistence.  We need downtime to visit loved ones, to work our second jobs, to run errands and not have to worry about monetary funding of city coded parking meters.  It was your call to build a new monopoly and infrastructure within the City of Sacramento, it is your job to figure out external revenue resources to fund the jobs accordingly, not reach into the pockets of your citizens to turn out the initial cash necessary to accomplish it.  So our message to you all, no to rising parking meter prices per hour, no to charges against cars left in designated parking areas after 6 p.m., and no to extended meter times including holidays or weekends.  Thank you for your time, we hope that you take our voice into consideration when toying with the idea of how such funding will be allocated.   

Update #38 years ago
City Council member Steve Hansen will be meeting at the Hart Senior Center to talk about the parking increases in Sacramento today.

Discussions will begin at 5:30 P.M. this evening

For location please follow the link below
Update #28 years ago
So this just happened in light of recent plans to siphon funding from local citizens by virtually taking away all free parking accommodations we've grown accustomed to:

Thank you all for your support, let's keep this thing going everyone! The more circulation the better!
Update #18 years ago
We got a spot in the local SN&R Page Burner blog regarding the fee increases, read more here:

Page Burner Blog, 7/24/2015

Please remember to get this petition circulating and we'll be ready to submit next month at an official city council meeting. Cheers Sacramento
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