U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service: Reconsider Bat Habitat Protections

  • by: Sue Lee
  • recipient: U. S. Fish & Wildlife Services

Some species of bats are quickly become endangered, such as the northern long-eared bat.  The decline in numbers is not only due to loss of habitat but the spread of a fungus or deadly disease known as White-nose syndrome.  Read more at  http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-bats-habitat-idUSKCN0XN05J.

Wildlife services have made the decision not to provide protection over the habitat of these cave dwellers, claiming that “doing so might draw the attention of vandals who would do harm to the lairs of the winged mammals.”  Facts show that bats are crucial to the environment as documented by farmers and foresters who say they can prevent billions of dollars in damage to the woodlands and crops because of their ability for insect consumption. However, Federal wildlife managers now believe it would be foolish to “designate critical habitat for the bats because that would entail publicly identifying where they hibernate, increasing the risk of vandalism and possibly hastening the spread of white-nose syndrome, “as noted in the attached article. 

The effort in this petition is to encourage the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Services to reconsider their decisions regarding bat habitat protections.  These animals like the northern long-eared bat that is already threatened, crucial to the environment and deserve protection under the law.  You can help me with this issue by signing and sharing this petition, adding your own thoughts and comments. 

U. S. Fish & Wildlife Services – I strongly urge you to reconsider bat protections for these animals that play a vital role in our environment due to their insect consumption.  Both farmers and foresters who say bats can prevent billions of dollars in damage to the woodlands and crops because of their abilities in controlling the insect population. The bats, namely the northern long-eared bat is already an endangered, threatened animal and deserves by law to be protected.  Please reconsider bat habitat protection.


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