Stop Seal Clubbing and Hunting!!

  • by: Tal H.
  • recipient: The Canadian Government

According the "Humane Society International" seal pups are hunted for their fur even though it is illegal but what is just as bad is that it IS LEGAL to hunt seals once they are 12 days old!!! The seals are clubbed and left to suffer and not slaughtered "humanely and quickly" as they are impaled on boathooks and dragged or left to choke on their own blood. For anyone who says it sustains the economy a direct quote from HSI states: "Even in Newfoundland, where most sealers live, income from the seal hunt accounts for less than one percent of the province‘s economy."
Check out The Humane Society International's "Seal Hunting: Myths and Facts" report:

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

Please take into account the call of people around the world urging you to stop all seal hunts. It should not be legal to hunt seals from 12 days old and more work needs to be done to stop hunters clubbing seal pups illegally. 

Please refer to the Humane Society International PDF included in the petition description as it will alert you to the fact that seal hunting is not helping any economy when it is a less than 1% controbution and even when it is legal the seals are killed in an inhumane and disgusting way that would sickening a pig farmer.

Canada cannot claim to be great if it's people and leaders allow this slaughter to continue.

Thank you for your time.

Update #12 years ago
We're almost there! Please share on Facebook so we can pass 3000 and I can send off the petition :)
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