Ban Outdoor channel

  • by: Sameer Qambrani
  • target: The owner of this channel and all the hunters that run shows on it

          • This channel should be stopped..It is sad how people only pose about loving animals. This channel should be blocked and whoever shows up on this channel should be jailed. You have no right to kill animals and test out your weapons. When everyone has food at home why is there a need  to go in the jungle and kill poor animals. We are not living in the stoneage where you need to hunt down animals for food and survival. What if that animal was out in search for food for its little ones and you shot it dead..? Americans and Britishers have always made a big deal out of animals being abused but when i checked the facebook page for this channel it has quiet allot of likes and people are actually entertained by the slaughtering of animals on open camera. It is not just hunting but complete abuse and sadism. I also saw a hunter killing a Female wild cat with a bow . Why is there a need to hunt down such a beautiful creature when there is no need for the meat? I love animals allot and this really pissed me off. This is just killing animals for entertainment which is messed up. Please i need everyone's help with this. All you have to do is sign this. It is free of cost and only requires a few minutes or even seconds. Animals are beings and they feel the same amount of pain that a human being does. Stop this Barbarism!
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