Justice for Cayman Island turtles raised in captivity!

The Cayman Turtle Farm is the last turtle farm of its' kind, and has been raising green sea turtles for human consumption and recreation, in often very unsanitary and overcrowded conditions. Many people have already given their voices to this cause- but every name helps. If you’ve already signed a petition like this one, sign it again! 

Some information on the So called “Research Facility”:
This government-subsidized facility poses health risks to both turtles and humans- Tests done by the WSPA have shown E. coli 
and Salmonella levels in the turtle’s water. The turtles carry these diseases when they are touched and handled by tourists, when they are slaughtered for human consumption, and also carried by the scarce few that are released back into the wild.

Inbreeding has caused many deformities in the turtles- some are born without eyes, others with stunted fins, and the list goes on. The cramped conditions also lead to more serious problems- agitation and eating unnatural diets leads to aggression between turtles as well as cannibalism.

The green sea turtle naturally is a very solitary animal, living on its own, travelling the vast expanse of the ocean on very long journeys before returning to its nesting grounds to give birth to the next generation of green sea turtles. But the turtles born in captivity are kept cramped together in their tanks full of diseases until they mature, and then either killed for food or released into the ocean. This vast difference between natural life and captivity means that turtles released by the Cayman Turtle Farm will not adapt properly to their new surroundings, as well as spread disease to the already diminished wild population of green sea turtles. 

Besides not being good for the turtles, the facility is also a burden on the local population, selling their food at a price that the local population cannot afford, running on deficits annually and relying on government subsidies to keep running, becoming huge drain on the taxpayer’s dollar. They can’t even pass of their dishes as a preservation of local culture if the only people who can buy it are the wealthy tourists.

These turtles are already endangered, so why should it be okay to torture them as well? Let your voice be heard for the creatures that can’t be heard themselves!

Dear members of the Cayman Turtle Farm.
I have composed this letter to inform you of the errors of your facility, though by now I'd hope that you were well aware of them. 
The signatures I have gathered attest to my cause.
Put simply, the cayman turtle farm is currently inneffective as either a research facility, tourist attraction, or local restaurant, and does nothing but harm the turtles that you have claimed to be helping, as well as the people who live near it. The inquieries done by the WSPA as well as the other private resarchers has proved, beyond the scope of my or the other signers doubt, that the cayman turtle farm puts the turtles in a cruel and unnatural environment that is detremental to their health and well-being, as well as the well-being of the wild turtles that come into contact with the turtles released from your facility. The turtles are subjugated to disease that propagates in the filth-ridden tanks that the turtles are forced to live in (Which includes E. Coli as well as Salmonella), and this can easily spread to the wild numbers of green sea turtles, and even to the consumers of the turtle meat, if for any reason the meat doesn't get cooked well enough.
The problems also reach the inhabitants of the Cayman Islands, because your facility has an annual deficit, and your facility is a government-subsidised facility, the inhabitants are giving their tax money to help keep your facility afloat, even though the dishes you claim to be traditional cayman tastes are too expensive for any traditional cayman people to eat on a regular basis.
I encourage you to agree to allow a WSPA representative on to the review team, even if the representative is not directly a member of the WSPA, just to ensure that the WSPA can agree that the findings of the review are both unbiased as well as agree that the findings can be applied to your facility to create a facility that everyone can agree to, be they people who want a turtle burger or people who want research. Becase let's face it, as it stands, there is NO humane way to farm sea turtles. 
And you know it.

Thank you for your time.
- Keith Hobbis 

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