Stop 5G and Smart Meters

  • by: Susan Cooke
  • recipient: FCC, Congress, White House, Technology companies involved in 5G, Smart Meters, Wifi, Amazon (who is supporting homes built so that residents will be blanketed in 5G all the time, healthcare workers who need to know, and really every citizen

A great deal of alarming research is being ignored by the Federal Government in its sudden roll-out of 5G technology and associated Smart Meters, soon coming to your town and street. The plan is to  put 5G everywhere (including satellites and diapers) despite illnesses already associated with regular wifi, expected worse health issues with 5G, loss of privacy, and easier hackability. The 5G cell towers will be placed as often as every few houses. (The one pictured, in Santa Rosa, CA, was partly dismantled due to protests.)

Protests are spreading worldwide as people learn more about 5G, which will enlarge the wallets and egos of a few powerful people and tech companies. If we don't stop this unethical roll-out already on its way in the US before it's firmly in place, it will be much harder to stop later. New towers may appear in front of your own house in a matter of weeks (plans are in place in my city in Massachusetts right now). This is an emergency. 

So please sign this petition, and try to take a moment to write your reps in Congress, your state, and city.

For more info see articles at including "What do GMOs and Wifi Have in Common?" by Diane Testa, PhD, also my posts at and LinkedIn, or the Finnish petition begun by Helena Ertz at:

Susan Cooke

Update #55 months ago
You might want to check this link to very recent talks & articles on 5G. Looks like more people are protesting. Page includes article in Scientific American: "We have no Reason to Believe 5G is Safe." Also a group, "Americans for Responsible Technnolgy," & other helpful links. If link below doen't work I hope you can still search for the article & group. Thanks! Susan

Update #45 months ago
Dear signers,

I just signed this worldwide appeal to stop 5G on earth and in space.. Please have a look and consider signing. I think it will give us much more power than just my petition does. Please ask friends to sign too--both that petition and mine please if you can--the more the better! This issue needs much more attention as we know. Below is the appeal link:

Thanks so much --Susan
Update #36 months ago
The latest online summit on 5G I mentioned to you is telling us that pressure from the people is working in some areas to stop 5G projects. (See my update on that summit or google 5G Crisis Summit | Josh del Sol & Sayer Ji.)

So please do protest through them and/or ask others to sign this petition soon. I know a lot of things need our attention now but 5G remains a serious concern vastly under-covered by the media. We the people need to act. Then media likely will join in.
Thanks --Susan
Update #27 months ago
Just to remind you, there's an online series going on right now--one of the three I mentioned awhile back. Looks like a good one you might want to check out:. Here's the link to most recent post:

Hosts are Josh del Sol & Sayer Ji.

If link doesn't work, try googling 5G Crisis Awareness and Accountability.

Meanwhile please ask friends to sign the petition! Thanks! Susan

Update #18 months ago
Dear petition signers,

've put added posts on LInkedIn, Facebook, and, that name upcoming summits on 5G and EMFs. My latest is a short piece telling which equipment we're using at home to measure EMF.

I did hear Trump mention 5G a few days ago to reporters. He proclaimed something along the lines of (this is not a quote but gets the idea across) "some people don't want it but we gotta have it." (No, we don't.) Take care and please keep protesting! Susan

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