A group have found the Pathway from the lungs to all parts of the body.  Chemicals are being experimented to disable any part of the body.  These chemicals affect the Nervous and Respiratory System causing disability and excruciating pain,  The symtoms are the same symptoms as nerve pain and more.

The chemicals have been escalated to act like a weapon and it causes ruptures to soft tissues because it feels like a needle, bigger than a needle, larger than a needle causing pain and ruptures on the skin and soft tissues like the uterus where there is profuse bleeding,  The chemicals can be dart like as if an ice pick is thrown  causing extreme pain, others cause cramping on any part, palpitation of the heart and that chemical can be appliedto the leg and vagina. The vagina has about forty chemicals to cause discomfort and extreme pain,  The breasts and pressure points of the body is affected.

A person can die in their sleep, fall and hurt her or his self causing disability because all the limbs will become motionaless, others have become allergic to these chemicals and others suffer great pain when these chemicals are focused at them.    

The authorities and medical people should all become aware of this problem because research shows that the symptoms dispaly lax behavior which is interrupted as being "mental" by both doctors and authorities.  This harassment needs "fine tuning" and should be stopped by all.

These chemicals will finally get to the vital organs of the body and disable all.  Animals die faster because the chemicals are very intense.  This started in Montgomery County in Maryland and now in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It needs to be stopped in this city and then in Maryland and elsewhere.  Right now I am attacked on the chest which causes very high blood pressure since I had a heart surgery.  I can die from it because the Manager have stopped all staff memebers from coming to help me.  she and others are allowing this terrorist Act that are caused by people using Technology, Science and chemicals.  These people are ahead of the times and the authorities should be trained and eduacted for this futuristic crime,

We are in a recession and this must be stopped and those that are supporting should not be allowed to support and abuse the victims for asking for help and causing eviction for reporting such a matter. As Americans, we should not support this because of ignorance and experience in this matter.  America has all te tools and should be able to stop this immediately.  Those who support this should be held accountale because there are others who has tools to stop this terrorist act.


Polly Roopnarine, PhD            

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