Demand that Polluting factory farms pay for Chesapeake Bay cleanup!

  • by: SUE LEE
  • target: Delaware Maryland Pennsylvania and Virginia State Legislators

Please sign and share this petition in an effort to get these poultry factory farms from polluting the Chesapeake Bay area by taking on their own cleanup measures.

Currently, the Chesapeake Bay is being flooded with excrements from factory poultry farms, yet they do not take any responsibility in paying for or taking on any of the cleanup efforts to keep the Bay clean and healthy. The Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley is proposing a bill that will hold such factories and farms accountable with a tax fee, five cents per chicken, in order to offset clean up costs and keep the Bay clean. Other states bordering the Chesapeake Bay such as Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia also encourage cooperation in keeping it clean and safe.

In the past, legislators have tried to implement change with taxes that will help to protect the local waterways but they often meet with opposition from lobbyists and various businesses. You can just imagine how disgusting it is to have any bird droppings fall on or near you; imagine millions of them polluting the waters around these poultry farm industries. There are an estimated billion and a half pounds of waste per year excrement from factory farms annually. Often, such waste is spread over farmlands as a fertilizer but with half the farms saturated with phosphorous from manure, it runs off the farms and into the estuary and bay, where it fertilizes algal blooms that threaten the seafood and tourism industries.

Governor O’Malley is supported by several other lawmakers by introducing legislation that would compel poultry companies to pay to help protect and restore Chesapeake Bay. The Poultry companies are polluting with impunity while the public pays for the cleanup unless the laws are changed! This new bill, when passed, will guarantee a cleaner Chesapeake Bay without pollution from factory poultry farms. Encourage the passing of this new legislature bill. Please sign and share this petition in an effort to get these poultry factory farms from polluting the Chesapeake Bay area by being held accountable through taxes and their own cleanup measures.


Delaware Maryland Pennsylvania and Virginia State Legislators – Please continue to enforce a bill that will require businesses like the factory poultry farms to be held accountable for the destruction and excrement waste runoff of chickens in the local waterways. Allowing these businesses to continue polluting the Chesapeake Bay is sickening and if they cannot keep up with their own cleanup measures, they must be taxed as you have proposed so that they must maintain a cleanup of billions of chicken waste that contaminates the water. We support you in this effort to ensure the local waterways are cleaned and maintained for the health of all concerned.

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