Stop Bobcat Trapping in NH

  • by: Rebecca Audet
  • recipient: Kent Gustafson Wildlife Programs Administrator

NH Fish & Game is taking comments to allow bobcat trapping, after a 25 year hiatus, in response to a study by UNH biologists which determined there is a 5% surplus in population each year. (The surplus equates to approximately 77 animals being added to the total annual population.)
Trapping is a cruel and horrible way to die. According to information pulled from Born Free USA, "Body-crushing traps are used to capture or kill furbearing animals who are deemed a "nuisance" or who are valued only for the fur on their backs.
Once an animal is caught she may remain in the trap for several days before starving or dying from exposure. Snares are a wire noose and can cause trapped animals to slowly strangle to death. With leghold traps, an animal my chew off his own paw to escape, only to die days later from the injury." Bobcats and other animals do not deserve to die this way because we determine there's a "surplus." They don't harm anyone and they are not a nuisance, they are solitary, elusive and non-threatening.
The hiatus in trapping was a success and the population rebounded from a low of 200 to a high 1,400. However, their populations naturally fluctuate in response to variations such as heavy, snowy winters, which are very challenging to their survival, and car mortalities, among others.
The bobcat is an 'apex species' in NH and rather than tamper with the numbers to allow trapping of this beautiful and mysterious creature, we should let nature take its course to keep them in check. The 'surplus' might not exist every year. In addition, they help keep other species numbers in line allowing for a natural balance.
I guess the questions are: If they aren’t harming anyone and they aren’t a nuisance, who will benefit from this trapping? Why does it need to be done?
Please add your name to this petition to stop what seems to be a senseless and cruel means to an end.

Dear Mr. Ellingwood and Mr. Gustafson,

Attached is a petition against allowing Bobcat trapping in NH. The motivation to cruelly kill an animal that is neither a nuisance nor a threat is unclear. 

As an apex predator in the state the Bobcat helps control other nuisance species populations and should remain untouched. Nature will undoubtedly manage the population. Let's let it take its course.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards,

Rebecca Audet

New Castle, NH

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