SAVE the Pack Animals at Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon

A concerned group of citizens have started the "Stop Animal ViolencE" (SAVE)  Foundation to protect the pack animals in Havasupai from abuse. These horses and mules travel from Hualapi Hilltop to Havasu Falls daily, and there have been an overwhelming number of reports of rampant and heinous animal abuse. 

We are calling on the Havasupai Tribal Council to establish a minimum standard of care for all horses and mules living in Supai, AZ. Until it is confirmed that these standards have been adopted and implemented, we will boycott trips to the Havasu Falls that use horses and mules. 

This treatment that has been witnessed by many tourists around the world is nothing short of horrifying and violent for both animals and humans. SAVE has collected first-hand accounts of extreme animal abuse and neglect by specific violent people. Recently, a Havasupai man was charged with four counts of animal abuse.  

We are turning to you, the public, to help these defenseless animals. We are committed to the cessation of violence against animals by these violent individuals. Please help us in putting a stop to this violence and bringing about not only healing for these peaceful, deserving animals, but with your signature, change.

Do you feel pain and agony seeing this photo and imagining the terror of these horses? We have eyewitness accounts of these horses being punched, kicked, pushed off the sides of mountains when injured, starved to death, without water and rest for long periods of time. It's a death camp for pack animals.

So, please, reach into your pain and feel the ferocity of compassion well up in your heart. And then take action. Sign this petition to demand that the Havasupai Tribal Council adopt SAVE's guidelines for a minimum standard of care for these horses and mules. For you, for me, for the earth and for all the inhabitants who will suffer if this abuse continues.  

Please, do not post anything hateful against an entire group of people. These crimes are being committed by certain violent people, not by a group. We will not accept prejudicial, rude, or inappropriate comments targeted toward entire groups of people.

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To read about this in the media visit here.

Update #58 years ago
Support our efforts and grab a shirt just in time for Mother's Day Horsey Style! Its about love and compassion and horses!!shop/ihaw0
Update #48 years ago
May 22nd, nine pack horses tied together were observed falling off a switchback on Havasu Trail in Havasupai, AZ. these horses were part of a The Wildland Trekking Company trip. In this particular situation, tourists helped the animals as best they could. Formerly, tourists reported being threatened and/or intimidated if "interfering". For more in-depth story:
Update #38 years ago
Corporations complicit with hiring some of the neglected and violently abused Havasupai horses by some abusive wranglers. Outfitters denial of using abused pack animals exposed. Evidence uncovered regarding claims of misrepresentation by SAVE. For more information:!The-Collusion-of-Corporations/tltbb/5765aa020cf235a69b262cb9
Update #28 years ago
3-digit temps at Havasu Falls today with report of one horse possibly going OVER THE EDGE! Wranglers witnessed commenting "the horses aren't doing well"; still repacked and utilizing them. No water food shelter at Hilltop. Contact Tribal Chief Don Watahomigie at 928 448 2731 and demand improved conditions!

Update #18 years ago
Please email the tribal chair Don Watahomigie's and urge him to stop violent pack animals abusers and to mandate food, water, and shade at Hualapai Hilltop for these poor creatures.
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