Who Says Animals Don't Have Memories?

I have a sad tale to tell.  My six year old Long Haired Daschund named "Mika" just showed me that animals do have long memories.  She is a rescued breeder dog from a puppy mill that was raided here in North Carolina.  She had been kept in a filthy, cramped cage her whole life, with little to no medical care.  She was just a commodity to produce puppies!  She was about 5 years old when we got her a little over a 1 year ago. She had been bred every time she came into season.  Our vet estimated she had had between 6 to 8 litters of puppies while held prisoner.  She has been doing extremely well with us, and our other 2 rescued dogs, and we love her very much.  She is now treated as a Queen, and a beloved member of our family.

Today, my wife and I went shopping and left her and our other dogs in the house with "Animal Planet" playing on the TV for their entertainment.  When we got back our other dogs came running like they and Mika always do.  Except this time Mika was no where in sight. We called her and went in the living room where Mika was poised in front of the TV cabinet listening and watching the show that was on.  It just happened to be "Too Cute", and they were showing dogs as puppies and their actions, and of course their whimpering and playing.  Mika would not leave the front of the TV.  We turned off the TV and carried her outside.  When we put her down she immediately rushed back to the TV cabinet sniffing and smelling trying to locate the puppies.

It has been 2 hours now and she still has not gotten over looking and smelling for the puppies.  This has really gotten to my Wife and I,  That she remembers after over a year that she had had a number of litters of puppies, and probably wonders what happened to them all.

Tell me Animals don't have memories and sentimental feelings!! 

Please take action to regulate and shut down Puppy Mills, Cat Mills, Internet Animal Sales, and Pet Store Animal Sales. Do it for all the "Mika's" still being held in horrific conditions.

Dear Concerned Public Official:

I am sharing my story to lend credence to the fact that animals are caring, loving creatures that do not deserve to be treated the way they are at these cruel and (should be) illegal operations.  There to be bred multiple times, and when unable to breed they are exterminated.  Hammer or bullet to the head; drowned, strangled or whatever method the human decides is the easiest.  Receiving no medical care.  The puppies are born and receive practically no medical care.

These mills, in turn, sell them to Pet Stores and Internet Animal Sales Sites.  These places then sell the mostly sick animals to unknowing customers for amounts in the thousands of dollars!

Please take action to stop this cruel and inhuman treatment of animals.

Thank you 

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