We ask that you stop selling rabbits in your stores, all pet stores for that matter. Rabbits are not hamsters or mice, they are not rodents. Rabbits have very delicate systems and fragile bones. I don't think you understand the care and the cost of owning a rabbit. Rabbits are NOT for children under the age of 12. I have many stories of children, throwing, kicking, stepping on and negleting these poor animals. Rabbits are NOT starter pets. They DO NOT like to be held, they are prey animals, they are known to bite and scratch if scared. Your company says they sell them all year round, but its ironic how I never see them in your stores until Easter time.

Petco has stopped selling them, because they were being returned after pictures were taking and the people who purchased them realized the care it takes. The cost of Vet bills are very high, if the people don't want to pay it, then they set the rabbit out into the wild, drop them off at a Humane Society or kill them. Rabbits that are purchased in pet stores die within the first 3 months of purchase, by the above reasons. So I am to assume that as long as your get your money, it doesn't matter what happens to the rabbits when they get home. I love how your Managers throw warranty around like you were buying a car. I do Rabbit Rescue and I see what happens to those rabbits when they leave your store. I had a man come to me with a bunny he purchased from your store, his daughter threw the bunny and broke its back. He was in the next day to purchase another one and you let him. I may not be able to stop Corporate America from selling them in stores, BUT, I can start an awareness of just how fragile rabbits are and that they are NOT started pets or pets for that matter, for children under 12. I hope you find compassion in your Corporate office to decide to stop selling rabbits in your store, or at least provide a person to properly educate those people on the truth of how rabbits really are, in their care, health and personalities.

I am trying to STOP the sale of rabbits in ALL pet stores. THEY are NOT rodents. THEY ARE NOT for children under 12. To many rabbits die within 30 days of purchase, because people DO NOT know how to take care of one properly. DON'T SHOP ADOPT!!!!

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