Command allowing only In-State Political Parties.

  1. It is time that we take a real look at the disarray and disorder over the years in government  and come to the conclusion that the number one disruptor of government are National political parties. That grew too big to the point where the party is cultivated by its own image instead of the peoples image that it represents.The radicalness on both sides has stretched and stepped lines inordered to Preserve a so-called Integrity of the party and create the illusion of a spotless Legacy.To the point  that National political parties bend the political view and standards. We're people are seeing there twisting indoctrination. That usually polarized from what the candidates are elected to represent that's.
  2. That's why it is important now more than ever to make a stand and push for legislation that dismantles National political parties and only allow Statewide political parties for example let's say that a citizen who was a Republican or Democrat and lived in Missouri. Then you would be a Missouri Republican or a Missouri Democrat party.
  3. All fundings and donations can only be accepted from in State but cannot be used for a individual election campaign  instead the state will make a equal and standard approved state election budget. So each running candidate will receive a reasonable campaign Finance that is identical to each other.The new State political parties can not ask for donations from its members or citizens for any election campaigns or any electioneering oriented events or rallies that's beyond the approved state campaign budget percentage amount that the state requires as reimbursement after campaign and term served for the budget that it provided details in update at bottom if an campaign has an incumbent politician running for a another term then the budget that was established when they first ran will stay the same the budget can only be altered by the state if both members are running a campaign for that office for the first time.
  4. In collusion if you share the views of this petition please sign the petition.the nect step to make others aware who share these views.
  5. Inorder to pass something of this magnitude people must let there voices be heard and let our citizens have control in our politics once again.This gives more of the opportunity to partys to be more detailed and more specifically represent  each particular political diologys and idealisms to establish a more thorough voice for each individuals in the party.
Update #12 months ago
The state campaign budget to be paid back by salary deduction yearly per elected official so that after term years have ended that the elected official would have to at least paid 65% of the money spent in the election back during years in office with at least 10% going to non-profit charities 55% will go in the state election fund the party that the official represents will have to pay 20% that will go back into the state approved campaign budge the rest will be made up by state fundraisers
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