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" We Have No Right To Make Mistakes " 
Professor Yury Grigoriev, Chairman of Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (RNCNIRP)

Anti EMF Radiation Alliance recognized the need for a review of the radio frequency electromagnetic field exposure standards and works to raise awareness on the issue: 

We summaries our positions as follow: 
1. Adopt the recommendation of Porto Alegre Resolution on Precautionary Principle: All Radiofrequency installation (such as Telco towers, WiMax, Wifi and others transceivers devices) should not be in close proximity to schools, kindergartens, hospitals, residence and places of leisure. 

2. The authority must exercise transparency in the approval of Telco transcribing sites and seek approval of the affected neighbourhood.

3. Educate the public on proper use of RF tools and equipments (such as mobile phone, cordless phone, Wi-Fi and other wireless devices) to limit the health impact especially to children. Promote and extend the use of fibre optic and other form of non-radiofrequency methodology to achieve similar connectivity goal. 

4. Calls for an International EMF Conference in Malaysia to educate the public and policy makers on possible new radiofrequency electromagnetic field radiation standards.
The work to promote RF safety is a long journey. We detest any form of coercion and suppression by way of threats, invoking of draconian laws and etc. to stymie the effort to improve health protection of the population. 

5. Adopt the recommendation of The Bio-Initiative Report of limiting radiofrequency electromagnetic field exposure power density to 0.6V/m (1000 µ W/m2). 


所有電訊發射器、如電訊塔、電訊天線、WI-FI、Wimax 等无线科技发射器不該靠近或建立在學校、幼兒園、醫院、住宅區等。同時要求政府推展電磁波輻射防護相關的立法工作。




援引2007年由多個先進國家權威科學家,所完成的國際大型電磁輻射研究報告The Bio-Initiative Report中所建議的0.6V/m或1000 µ W/m²(戶外)電磁輻射水平,並要求電訊公司和業者嚴格遵守。

5 Tuntutan kami 

1. Mengambil tindakan “amaran langkah awal”
Segala pemancar telekomunikasi seperti menara telekomunikasi, antena komunikasi, WI-FI, Wimax dan pemancar telekomunikasi yang lain tidak dibenarkan dibina berhampiran atau di kawasan sekolah, tadika, hospital, kawasan perumahan dan lain-lain lagi. Pada masa yang sama, kami juga tuntut agar kerajaan akan menguatkuasakan undang-undang mengenai perlindungan gelombang elektromagnet. 

2. Audit , transparansi, dan mendengar respons rakyat 
Kerajaan tempatan harus menjalani audit mengenai pemasangan pemancar telekomunikasi, melaksanakan pengurusan yang transparansi serta mendapat respons dan kebenaran daripada rakyat tempatan. 

3. Mendidik rakyat 
Mendidik rakyat dan mengadakan kempen kesedaran mengenai cara penggunaan produk teknologi tanpa wayar, mengurangkan kesannya terhadap rakyat terutamanya kesihatan kanak-kanak. Menyarankan penggunaan teknologi fiber optik atau teknologi telekomunikasi yang tidak melibatkan gelombang elektromagnet. Ia bermaksud penggunaan kemudahan telekomunikasi yang berwayar untuk menggantikan WI-FI. 

4. Menggalakkan perkongsian ilmu mengenai radiasi gelombang elektromagnet
Kerajaan mengadakan seminar mengenai radiasi gelombang elektromagnet yang bertaraf antarabangsa, menjemput pakar dalam bidang yang berkaitan mendidik orang ramai, merangka standard yang baru mengenai radiasi gelombang elektromagnet dan menyarankan perkongsian ilmu serta kerjasama antarabangsa.

5. Menyusun semula standard gelombang elektromagnet dan kawalan
Kerajaan menggunakan cadangan yang dibuat oleh hasil kajian ramai ahli sains dari negara maju, iaitu 0.6V/m atau 1000 µ W/m² (di kawasan luar) radiasi gelombang elektromagnet dan meminta syarikat telekomunikasi mengikuti cadangan ini dengan ketat. 



我国教育部目前所推展的 1BestariNet“一个马来西亚精明网计划,将在全国10,000所中小学的校园内建设电讯发射器(或称电讯塔),此举将使全国约500万名的师生,长期暴露在电磁波辐射污染的笼罩下。





Re : “Against the erection of telecommunication towers in school compound” campaign.

Recently, The Ministry of Education is promoting 1BestariNet project which aimed at providing high-speed 4G wireless Internet connectivity for around 10,000 schools and set up telecommunication towers in these schools nationwide. More than 5.3 million students and teachers are going to be exposed to the microwave radiation in long term. 

There has been a decade of warnings from scientist and doctors, that microwave radiation is potentially harmful to children, and should be reduced or avoided. These EMR may cause serious damages to the reproductive system, nervous system and immune system of children, even caused cancer. It is a serious threat to the health and life of our children. Would you want your child to take the risk?

For the sake of the children, Anti EMF Radiation Alliance strongly against the erection of telecommunication towers devices in school compound. Hence, we initiate this campaign and call for the attention & support of all sectors and communities, jointly demand our government look into this matter for the health benefits of all students in the country.

We understand that you and your members are keen in educational issues and promoting healthier society. We wish to garner your support and join the cause for making a safer and healthy learning environment for our children.

Thank you.

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