STOP House Resolution 741 and Restore the Historical Truth

    This petition is to express disagreement with the proposed House Resolution 741, Expressing support for the designation of the month of September 2022 as "Macedonian American Heritage Month" and celebrating the Macedonian language, history, and culture of Macedonian Americans and their incredible contributions to the United States (hereafter referred to as The Resolution 741).

    This document is based on falsifications and manipulations and it aims at using the US Congress as a tool to re-write history and legitimize the claim that a "Macedonian” ethnicity and language existed before 1944. Adopting this resolution would be equivalent to an official approval by the United States of the policy of the USSR, the Communist International (Comintern) and Joseph Stalin personally to annihilate the millennia-old history and presence of Bulgarians in the geographic region of Macedonia and to create a "Macedonian” ethnic group out of the Bulgarians living in the geographic region of Macedonia. This is one of many examples of the policy of Joseph Stalin to create, annihilate or move geographically whole nations, in support of his visions of establishing a world communist state, dominated by Moscow. This policy is used by Joseph Stalin’s political descendants to this day. It suffices to mention the falsifications of history, used by modern day Russia to justify the invasion in Ukraine and the illegal annexation of Crimea.

    The real instigator of the resolution - the organization "United Macedonian Diaspora" (UMD) – is a foreign agent organization, funded and directed from abroad with the aim of influencing the United States public opinion and institutions. The UMD skillfully uses the opportunities offered by the American democracy to peddle lies about the "history" of the "Macedonians", taking full advantage of the limited knowledge in the American society about the history of the geographic region of Macedonia. Actually, the UMD is trying to legitimize concepts and policies from the darkest times of the communist totalitarian regime, developed by the USSR under Joseph Stalin’s leadership and enforced with reckless brutality by communist Yugoslavia. These policies cost the lives of tens of thousands of Bulgarians in the geographic region of Macedonia. Many more were compelled to leave their ancestral lands in order to save their lives. Those who stayed after 1944 had to adopt, or at least pretend that they adopted, the new “Macedonian” ethnic identity if they wanted to survive.

    Now the UMD and its collaborators try to make the US Congress justify retroactively the results of the physical and cultural genocide of the ethnic Bulgarians that was carried out in the geographic region of Macedonia for the better part of the 20th century. This is morally unacceptable for millions of Bulgarians and for the Americans who are descendants of Bulgarians from Macedonia who immigrated to the United States in the search of a safe heaven. If the United States is to keep its moral high ground, it should be unacceptable for the US Congress too.

    In addition, I would like to comment in more detail on some of the bombastic historic falsifications contained the draft Resolution 741.

    Paragraph 3 of Resolution 741 states that after 1880 tens of thousands of "Macedonians" fled to America. This deliberately fails to explain that until 1944 there were no ethnic “Macedonians”. Until 1944, a “Macedonian” meant somebody who came from the region of Macedonia, regardless of his or her ethnicity. A “Macedonian” could be an ethnic Bulgarian, Turk, Greek, Albanian or Vlach. And it is an indisputable scientific fact that the biggest ethnic group in the multiethnic geographic region of Macedonia was the Bulgarian. This is easily verifiable in contemporary sources, including those originating in the United States.

    In 1944 the Socialist Republic of Macedonia (SR Macedonia) was formed as a part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. To predominant Bulgarian element of the population in the SR Macedonia was subjected to a brutal campaign of killings, deportations, propaganda and brainwashing in order to impose the "Macedonian” ethnicity and language created with decisions of the Communist International (Comintern) in Moscow.

    As part of the measures to impose a "Macedonian” ethnic identity on the people living in the newly established SR Macedonia, only on January 7, 1945 around 1,200 prominent Bulgarians were killed in extra-judicial executions carried out by the communists on the basis of pre-prepared lists. This became known as the Bloody Christmas (according to the Orthodox calendar Christmas is on January 7 in many countries). Those who perished were doctors, lawyer, teachers, mayors, prominent intellectuals and entrepreneurs. Similar mass killings continued during the next years. The aim was to behead, literally, the Bulgarians in SR Macedonia so that they cannot organize in resistance to the communist policy of forceful change of the ethnic identity. This topic is a taboo in the modern day Republic of North Macedonia so no official statistics exist. However, according to the estimates of different researchers during the repressions of 1945 and the next several years no less than 23,000 ethnic Bulgarians were killed in SR Macedonia and another 130,000 ethnic Bulgarians were evicted, expelled from the country, sent to the concentration camps of Tito's Yugoslavia or subject to another form of severe repression.

    In 1991 SR Macedonia declared its independence from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and the Republic of Bulgaria was the first to recognize its independence. The newly found state passed through difficult moments but Bulgaria stood by its side in every moment of existential threat, providing armament, economic aid and diplomatic support. However, the Government in Skopje is still hiding the facts about the massacres in 1945 and the years after that. There is no condemnation of these atrocities. Nobody was compensated. Nobody was held responsible. People openly expressing their Bulgarian self-conscience, as well as their families, are still systematically harassed. As a result, ethnic Bulgarians in today’s Republic of North Macedonia are still whispering and checking around with fear who is listening when these issues are discussed.

    Returning to the text of Resolution 741, one cannot omit the laughable claim that "Macedonian presence" in the United States dates back to 1492. It is an easily verifiable historic fact that neither any Europeans reached the lands of today’s United States in 1492, nor any ethnic “Macedonians” existed prior to the start of the communist policy to create them in the 20th century. Such claims, if endorsed by the US Congress, will not only serve to justify some of the most violent communist crimes but will also deprive the study of history from any meaning.

    The draft resolution also states that according to the UMD, there are "half a million Americans of Macedonian heritage living in the United States" without specifying anything about their ethnicity, period of arrival in the United States or the geographic scope of the term “Macedonian”. This is despite the fact that parts of the geographic region of Macedonia are in the territories of several modern-day states and that the geographic region of Macedonia has been a multiethnic area for centuries.

    The draft resolution states also that "the Macedonian Americans contributed to constructing of several dozen Macedonian Orthodox Churches throughout the United States". This is a flagrant example of falsification, as all the so-called "Macedonian churches" were built by Bulgarian immigrants from the region of Macedonia and were named “Bulgarian - Macedonian churches". This is a fact that is reflected in various US registers and could be easily verified with the local authorities.

    Furthermore, the majority of the “prominent Macedonians”, mentioned in Resolution 741 have unequivocally declared and demonstrated their Bulgarian ethnic origin during their lifetime. Changing posthumously the ethnicity of an individual is an unimaginable crime in a democracy but a routine practice in a communist dictatorship. The US Congress should not be associated with such Stalinist practices.

    There is no reference in the draft resolution to the oldest organization of people from the geographic region of Macedonia in the United States - the Macedonian Patriotic Organization (MPO), established in 1922 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Since its foundation, the MPO defends the historic truth about the Bulgarian character of the majority of the population coming from the geographic region of Macedonia and opposes its forceful denationalization. From 1927 to this day, the MPO has published the Macedonian Tribune newspaper. Until 1992 the newspaper was published in the Bulgarian language. The MPO and its archives are the true history of the Americans from the geographic region of Macedonia, who are still very proud of their Bulgarian roots. These facts cannot be found in a document like draft Resolution 741, carefully prepared by foreign agents like UMD.

    Draft Resolution 741 is another attempt of the corrupt elites in Skopje to invent a history of the "Macedonian” language and ethnicity before 1944. This is an attempt to use the US Congress in order to justify some of the most heinous communist crimes of the 20th century and to legitimize their goals.

    The moral integrity and the public standing of the US Congress are at stake! In its essence, draft resolution 741 is a hybrid attack at the heart of American democracy. Without sparing means and funds, pro-Serbian and pro-Russian lobbyists have managed to submit for consideration by the US Congress a draft document that promotes the policies of Joseph Stalin and the Communist International. The eventual adoption of such a resolution would be a huge disappointment for millions of Bulgarians and for many more millions of other Eastern Europeans, who suffered from the rule of the USSR and its proxy regimes, and who are still exposed to the falsification of history by the political descendants of Joseph Stalin with the aim to justify oppression and invasion, like in the case of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.

    As a loyal citizen of United States, voter and taxpayer, I believe that the American institutions must always be vigilant about such attempts.


    In the spirit of moral integrity, freedom, democracy, human rights, rule of law and historic truth, I sincerely ask you NOT TO SUPPORT draft Resolution 741.
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