Break That Chain! An End to this Daylight Abuse - An End to Dog Chaining

We're in 2016 - This Abuse is Legal in Most Countries.This is a wake up call to BREAK THAT CHAIN.In the name of all these dogs,we ask for the introduction of the 5 freedoms in which one of them is - Freedom to express Normal Behavior. Chaining is NOT an Normal Behavior..

Life on a Chain is No life at all...Where is the compassion,the Authorities speak about when talking about animal rights? Is this the compassion you're talking about -chocking a soul by allowing people to tie a dog to a 3m chain?

                                 We Call for an End to this Daylight Abuse

Dear All,

ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER , we are all asking for an end to dog chaining.If you truly have compassion towards the animals, this is your time to show it.

Allowing a dog to be chained by a 3m chain is just a joke.This is not a normal behaviour of a dog.This is not protecting the dog.Having food, water and shelter is Not Enough .You're not protecting them from Psychological Abuse...

To the Authorities - Again Actions Speak Louder  - So Wake Up and Break that Chain! The Animal Lovers won't forget what you did for the voiceless...

In the name of all the chained dogs - Thank you in advance
Enough  is Enough! Break that Chain - Unchain that Soul

Update #23 years ago
Finally the news we were all waiting for from Malta :

''Keeping dogs chained to a stationary object or fitting them with collars that give electric shocks will soon become illegal, according to a Bill published by the government'...The full news in the link below

Please all keep on signing hopefully more other countries follow this example..
Thanks all those that signed so far..
Update #13 years ago
Malta Dog Chaining Update :

Both Political Parties are saying that they are working on this issue..We will see what the outcome of it is going to be ...Link as follow :

Please keep on encouraging your friends to keep signing this petition..let us work together until every chain gets broken and every dog regains freedom worldwide..thanks

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