As the tourism capital of the world Orlando generates 28.6 BILLION annually in visitor spending for the Central Florida area. The Orange County Convention Center has 2.1 million square feet of exhibit space and ranks second only to Chicago's Convention Center.  Clearly with statistics like this Orlando is doing just fine.

YET In Orange County, 2,096 dogs and 142 puppies were euthanized in its past fiscal year, records show.  AND three times more felines were put down: 4,687 cats and 2,691 kittens.  IN TOTAL 9,616 animals were killed needlessly just at this one shelter in Florida !!!  This is absolutely shameful !!

Where are all these tourist revenue tax dollars going to?? surely there is money to support NON KILL SHELTERS not only in Orange County but Florida as a whole.

They say Orange County is truly the best place to live right on their website, how can that be when they are slaughtering animals at this rate?  There needs to be massive change, education, and a complete overhaul of the animal welfare services in Florida.

Please sign this petition to put the lives of animals in the forefront to get them the help they so desperately need.   FLORIDA STOP KILLING THESE ANIMALS !!!! THANK YOU     


Dear Mayor Jacobs,

Please find the attached petition signed on behalf of the suffering, voiceless animals of Orange County Florida.  For a city that is largely built on Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Pluto the DOG, other wonderful Disney characters and of course Seaworld, we the people find it ironic that the true life animals in your County and the State of Florida are so horribly neglected and the shelter's so drastically underfunded. The Orange County Animal Shelter for example has operated in the same building since 1989 !!!!! yet the population and tourist generated local tax revenues have increased substantially.  Sadly on your own website and your list of community involvement there is not ONE animal welfare related cause.   On your Initatives page again nothing for the animals.  Now Mayor Jacobs what would your dog Casey think of all this?  The Shelters desperately need funding, larger facilities to handle the increase of animals that require assistance.  The shelters MUST be changed to be no kill shelters - PERIOD !!  The fact is that while everything has progressed in Orange County the animals have been forgotten.  This petition was an OVERWHELMING success. We asked for 1000 signatures to start the ball rolling , we had them in less than 24 hours !! An astounding accomplishment.  Your bio reads smart-tough-making a difference yet you have disregarded these most vulnerable souls. I hope you will take the time to read the comments from your local taxpayers and equally the perception from abroad. Our intention is to continue with the petition and international campaigns to bring awareness to the plight of these animals that are euthanized daily. To ensure that people visiting the City of Orlando, or thinking to vacation to Orlando know that the home of the Magic Kingdom isn't so magical outside the Disney compound for these poor animals that have been left behind while everything else has enjoyed growth and funding.  The time has come for NO KILL SHELTERS IN ORANGE COUNTY, FLORIDA.   Mayor Jacobs we implore you to take the necessary steps to make this happen and to truly make Orlando a GREAT place to visit. We encourage you to act with kindness and great conscience to remedy the problems of a city that has left its animals behind and work immediately to end euthanization in Orange County !!!

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