Tell China to stop abusing animals!

  • by: Kelly Davis-steel
  • recipient: President Xi Jinping, China's southwestern Yunnan Province

Cats and rabbits are crammed in cages at the Xin Yuan market, where they will be sold in Guangzhou, south-eastern city of China.

Cats, Dogs, Rabbits and almost any animal is used as food. The way these animals are treated is with cruelty and abuse. Most often these animals are either boiled alive, skinned alive or beaten to death in a sack. These animals are bred in out of the way farms and sold in back alley markets away from prying eyes.

Cats, Dogs, and Facts about Fur: Every year two million dogs and cats are tortured and slaughtered for their fur. China, the Phillippines, and Thailand export their victims fur to the United States, France, Germany, Italy, and other nations to be used in toys, gloves, and to trim coats. Dogs and cats are skinned alive, suffocated, hanged, bludgeoned, clubbed, or bled to death. How do these countries get by with the brutal murder of these animals and profit from their suffering? Why do European countries and the United States buy these dog and cat products?

One of the most popular animal furs among the companion animals is the German Shepherd's fur. The Shepherd's fur resembles coyote, raccoon, or fox. These products are often given names such as Mongolia Dog Fur, Gae-wolf, Gou-pee, China Wolf, Corsac Fox, Katzenfelle, Goyangi, and Mountain Cat to keep unsuspecting consumers from knowing that they are purchasing dog and cat fur.

The Humane Society of the United States makes the following recommendations:

  1. Tell everyone you know about the dog and cat trade.
  2. Tell everyone you don't know about the dog and cat trade.
  3. Order free "Dear Retailer" cards to hand to managers of stores carrying fur products.
  4. Write to department stores about discontinuing the sale of all fur in their stores.
  5. Contact pet supply stores that sell real fur pet toys. Tell them about the dog and cat fur trade.
  6. Write to editors of fashion magazines that promote fur apparel. Tell them about the dog and cat fur trade.
  7. Let pet supply stores know about the dog and cat fur trade and ask these stores that sell real fur pet toys to stop.
  8. Ask stores that sell fur-covered and fur-trimmed decorations and toys to remove these items, which may be made with dog and cat fur, from their store.
  9. Write to the embassies of countries where dogs and cats are slaughtered for their fur and skin. You can get the address of your nearest Chinese embassy/consulate at:

I have quite a few very gruesome pictures of this trade in animals and have decided not to show them as they are far too shocking and will no doubt upset quite a few people.

There are many fruits, like mandarin oranges, and so much general merchandise imported from countries, like China and Korea, where horrors are perpetrated on animals. I intend to boycott mandarin oranges, if they come from these countries, and Chinese and Korean merchandise in general. I sincerely hope you do too.

I recently watched a program on television about this vile trade in animals in the far east, it was shocking and terrible what these animals go through. This is not about a culture difference, it is about simple humanity and how the Chinese view animals in general. To me personally the Chinese have no humanity to life in general, how we can change that is a very difficult question to answer. One way is to stop buying any products from these countries and write to the embassies saying why you are boycotting their products. Only time and a concerted effort by individuals and Western Countries will make a change for the better. These animals deserve better.

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