Save the civet cat !

  • by: Konstantin Trubin
  • target: Government of India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Burma, Bangladesh, Thailand.
Civet cat, or a cat-fishing, or speckled cat, cat or fish (Latin Prionailurus viverrinus) - wild cat of Southeast Asia, characterized in that the fishing and a good swimmer. Far view of close family and a cat like her, but the larger sizes.

Wild cats, listed in Appendix II CITES.

Fishing cats inhabit tropical and subtropricheskih regions of southeast Asia, south and east of India, Indo-China, Ceylon, Sumatra, Java. There are, basically, in the woods near water, primarily swamps, lakes and slow rivers.

 Unlike most other cats, cat anglers excellent swimmers. In search of food, they not only waiting for the coast to one well-aimed leap upon the spoil, and wander through the shallows in search of crabs, frogs, snails, and other aquatic creatures, or dive and swim to get the fish.

It feeds mainly on fish. During the hunt, sits on the bank of the river in anticipation of swimming by fish, which strikes a clawed paw, the cat sometimes even dive for prey at the bottom of the river. Also eats frogs, snakes, snails, birds, small mammals and carrion.

Sometimes hunt on land of mice, birds, and insects. In exceptional cases, the prey on larger mammals, the size of a lamb.

 Fishing cats have a reputation for strife and action, but the meeting with the person they avoid. Describes a case where a cat fish dispersed pack of dogs. There is a myth that the fishing cat dragged four children from Singapore, however, is undocumented. However deserves genuine interest in mind when fishing cat, male, particularly large specimen, contained in the zoo, escaped from the cage and went into the cage to the leopard, killed him.

There are attempts content of fisher cat at home.

Could enumerate the uniqueness of this lovely animal. That's why you have to sign it.
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