Ban Gas Leaf Blowers in the State of Connecticut!

  • by: Julie S.
  • recipient: The Connecticut State House, The Connecticut State Senate, Governor Dannel Malloy, the United States House of Representatives

Gas leaf blowers (GLBs) are destroying our quality of life, health, and our environment with no benefits to society.

GLBs stir up a toxic whirlwind of molds, animal feces, heavy metals, pesticides, carcinogens, and exhaust fumes. The particulate matter they release lodges deep within our tissues, increasing our risk of asthma, heart and lung disease, and lung, bladder, and breast cancers. Children are particularly at risk because their organs are not fully developed, they breathe more quickly than adults, and they are closer to the ground. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, pregnant women exposed to these pollutants are at increased risk of having children with autism.

People all over the world are realizing that we must switch to clean sources of energy for our environment and climate, yet GLBs are running unrestricted, and shockingly putting out more emissions in 30 minutes of operation than an automobile traveling 2,000 miles. Operating a leaf blower for one hour generates as much emission as 40 automobiles idling for one hour. Every year, 41 billion pounds of carbon dioxide are emitted from gas-powered garden equipment. Bird and already rapidly declining bee habitats are destroyed in this assault on the earth.

Even without the devastating health and environmental impacts, the noise produced by (GLBs) is reason enough to eliminate them. Using two-stroke engines and operating at hurricane speeds of 200 mph, they generate sounds at 95-115 decibels and can cause damage to our ears. One person using a GLB takes away freedom from an entire neighborhood- freedom to sleep, relax in one’s own home, use one’s own yard, or go for a walk outside.

Considering that people continue to use GLBs despite the horrific health and environmental impact, one would think that these machines must be indispensable for our communities. In fact, they are TOTALLY UNNECESSARY. Studies have shown that rakes perform comparably to blowers. Electric blowers are also quieter and more environmentally friendly and perform the same function. Landscaping companies fear the loss of their gas-powered equipment; however, in areas where GLBs have been banned, they actually make more money by substantial savings on gas.

We have nothing to lose and so much to gain by eliminating GLBs. Please sign this petition to ban them in my home state of Connecticut.

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