Chemtrails or Contrails? Give Us the Real Deal!

  • by: Susan V
  • recipient: US Congress and EPA
Convincing documentaries about “chemtrails” may finally put to rest their conspiratory status.

Filmmaker Michael J. Murphy will soon release his second film addressing disturbingly high levels of aluminum found in snow, water and soil that seem to be connected to these jet-sprayed trails that turn blue skies gray and overcast.

In his first film, What in the World Are They Spraying, Murphy includes footage of AAAR scientists discussing future plans for weather modification or geoengineering, using aluminum or other nanoparticles to reflect sun rays and counter global warming.  

While scientists say such measures have not yet been deployed, many are certain it’s gone on for years, and photographs of the feathery crisscrossing trails abound. Murphy’s research gives us reason to believe they’re right.

Whatever is going on, EPA has an obligation to uphold the Clean Air Act, and we all have a right to know the truth. Tell EPA and Congress to give us the Real Deal About Chemtrails.

Dear Members of Congress and Lisa Jackson, EPA:

The American people have a right to know what is being sprayed in our skies. We have a right to know and decide if we want to risk exposure of ourselves and our planet to further pollution, even if the purpose is meant to save the planet from global warming.

If that purpose is behind the abnormal “contrails” many are documenting, as well as the high levels of aluminum and other toxins being found in soil and water, then we would prefer that whoever is approving this geoengineering or whatever it is, work with other, less damaging methods of reversing global warming.

Murphy’s first film reveals some very disturbing long-term effects caused by the high levels of aluminum being found in tests from Mount Shasta to Hawaii. One effect is that the soil is becoming too neutral to sustain normal cultivation of plants and crops, and if this altering of the soil becomes worldwide, it would likely cause dependency upon genetically engineered seeds.

If the evidence and conclusions discussed by scientists in this film are correct, then issues of serious conflicts of interest arise involving Monsanto and other GE companies, especially since these companies’ use of pesticides and monoculture farming are contributing to global warming in the first place, and unnecessarily so, many believe.

Though Murphy’s film does not provide many answers, hopefully his new documentary, “Why in the World Are They Spraying?” will offer more clues. Certainly his work brings up serious questions for which we all deserve honest answers. We also should all have a say in whether or not our personal property, as well as our planet, is exposed to whatever is being sprayed, and whether or not these methods are necessary.

Hawaii, for one, has started a watchdog group, Blue Sky Ordinance, asking for an end to spraying of its skies, and perhaps the rest of the US should do the same. 

We request that our leaders take this issue seriously and the EPA protect us from all airborne toxic chemicals. Please watch Murphy’s documentaries, have the evidence analyzed by independent labs and scientists, and tell us all the truth about where these high levels of aluminum and other toxins are coming from.

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to these very serious concerns.

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