Government of Canada to Stop supporting the dictatorial regime in Ethiopia

To: The  Office of the Prime  Minister

       80 Wellington Street

       Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A2

Regarding: 2.4 Million Amara- Ethiopians have been unaccounted for between 1994 and 2007 (approximately the population of Greater Vancouver) and the ongoing indiscriminate killing and jailing of unarmed civilians in most parts of Ethiopia...

We, the undersigned Ethio­Canadians, very much value the generosity that the people of Canada and our government have shown the people of Ethiopia for almost a century. The technical, financial, and material help, to the extent that it reaches the average person, has been invaluable. For that we thank  everyone.

Unfortunately, we are concerned that the financial and material help intended for the poor of Ethiopia is being misused to commit countless atrocities against innocent Ethiopians. It disheartens us to see the well intended financial and material aid of the Government of Canada and its generous citizens being used to suppress the very people that we all want to see supported.

The intensity and magnitude of suppression has been increasing day after day.

We respectfully request that you take every possible action to ensure that your generous support of Ethiopia’s most vulnerable and impoverished citizens is not being misused to commit atrocities  against them.

We know that the Canada we love does not wish to see another Rwanda or learn of its devastating effect after the fact. General Romeo Dallaire in his book “Shake hands with the Devil” has given us an eyewitness account of the devastating  effects.

Our beloved Canada is a multicultural society where everyone of us Canadians despite our cultural, religious, and other differences co-­exist, work and build a strong and free country that we all feel proud and part of.

Unfortunately for Ethiopia, federalism based on ethnic enclaves has been the time bomb that has been implanted for over 25 years with devastating effects on the country and has been a source of the atrocities we have witnessed and still are witnessing.

Here below   are some examples of crimes committed by the minority regime in   Ethiopia: 

  • between 1985 and 1991 the TPLF Polit­bureau drew up and followed a master plan for the physical liquidation of Amara males; carried out in detention centers in dug out mountain side gas (smoke filled­ and sealed) chambers which also served as mass graves;


  • the policy of creation of homelands along ethno­linguistic lines became entrenched, the TPLF led government extended its persecution of the Amara people, and all other groups who did not subscribe to narrow nationalism by an intensive campaign of ethnic cleansing;


  • The systematic elimination of Amara was continued between June through November 1991 as a policy by the TPLF( Tigrian Peoples Libration Front) and its surrogates where in Arsi Province, Arba Gugu region in Southern Ethiopia the massacre of thousands of Amara peasants; their houses burned at night as families slept; hundreds thrown into deep crevasses from mountain top plateaus and their livestock and properties looted;


  • the elimination and ethnic cleansing of Amaras was encouraged and sparked by the TPLF in Harangue province the districts of Gara Muleta, Chelenqo and Bedeno; men women and children were slaughtered and thrown into ravines with hands bound and later re-tried in front of cameras by the same TPLF cadres who committed the murders, blaming the local population for engaging in ethnic cleansing;


  • not a single person has been convicted of any of the crimes listed above;


  • the attacks against Amaras has continued unabated for the 25 years of TPLF dictatorship, the most chilling admission of which comes from the Central Statistical Bureau’s Samia Zakaria report to the TPLF parliament that 2.4 million Amaras have systematically been unaccounted for between 1994 and 2007


  • The massive deaths, disappearances and dislocations caused by ethnic cleansing of Amaras have taken place from Wellega, Benishangul, Metekel, Wenbera region in 2015 instigated by the TPLF army who coerced the local Gemuz people to massacre several hundred fleeing Amaras with guns and machetes, in Ayigali­Mozambique Kebele and Melkan Kebele.


  • The genocide has not been limited to Amaras, over the 25 year dictatorship Oromo, Somali, Anuak have been consistently targeted for mass killings and disappearances. All the major human rights watchdog groups have extensively documented the plight and mass murders of these people such as the recent massacre and disappearances in Northern Shoa to Wellega in the West, to Hararghe in the east to Arsi in the South and Bale in the south east. Estimates of Oromos massacre are in the thousands as there is no way to verify the disappeared have not been slaughtered. This can be gleaned from the several Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch reports.


  • The Anuak massacre of 2004 where close to 450 men women and children were hacked to death is well documented by The Oakland Institute and Obang Metho of Anuak Justice. Their plight of dislocation from their fertile lands continues to this day to make room for agro industrial concerns from Saudi Arabia, India and China.


  • The indigenous communities of the Omo Valley, including those of the Bodi, Hamer, Karo, Kwegu, and Mursi tribesman have also been victims of mass genocide when their traditional lands were taken over for the damming of the Omo River. They were left with no viable means of existence and hence the extensive famine of these endangered people numbering only 200,000.


The atrocities committed against the people are well evidenced and we even believe that The Canadian Government  may be aware of some of them through its diplomats stationed  in Ethiopia.


We, therefore, ask the Canadian Government to:


  1. Apply diplomatic pressure on the Ethiopian regime to stop its wanton atrocities against innocent people of Ethiopia.
  2. Apply diplomatic pressure on the regime to stepdown and pave the way for a transitional and all inclusive care taker government
  3. Apply diplomatic pressure to bring the perpetrators of the untold attrocities to the international tribunal
  4. Sever diplomatic relationship and stop any financial or material aid if the above 3 are not implemented
  5. Be a champion for the imposition of international economic sanction and travel embargo on the regime in Ethiopia.


Thank you







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