Gender dysphoria in school corporations

Our EVSC Corporation now has a problem, FJ Reitz High School has been around for 100 years now and is now facing this problem head on. Transgenderism is now becoming a big part of the community many coming forward in school corporations. EVSC has had multiple encounters with this community, many wanting to have gender neutral bathroom or the bathroom that is what they call themselves "man or women." Also some on the homecoming court this year this being the first year ever, this raises eyes to many parents and or guardians of the children at their schools. EVSC is allowing transgenders to do what they please because they're afraid of the EVSC Corporation Heads will say, so they keep their mouths shut. But aren't we entitled to our own opinion and able to do so ? People have came forward about this issues in the community and have been sent down to the office and got in school suspension based on their opinion. This is a direct abuse of the 1st Amendment 'Freedom of speech' not being able to believe in what we want too, if we go back to November 28th of 2017 the reitz coach Andy Hape was attacked by many people on the issue of praying before a FJ Reitz football game. This is what he believes in and was showing his beliefs and now is no longer able to do so, but transgenders are now able to give their own beliefs and come out to say whatever they want and there are no repercussions. Women in multiple places in America have been trying to fight for their own right as women but the Government won't listen, the LGBT community has more rights then women fighting for women's rights. How does the LGBT community have more rights then women and men ? How can Andy Hape not give his beliefs but the transgenders can ? I am not trying to attack the transgender community but to only raise the eyes of the people and the EVSC Corporation itself, that is is not acceptable that the transgenders of the community are able to believe in what they want too and have more rights then the women do and persecute the beliefs of a Christian teacher of FJ Reitz High school and the women of America, that is simply not right. 

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