Stop 1080 Poisoning Stop the drop

The indiscriminate killing of anything every living animal plant and poisoning, from soil microbes right through to mammals. The ecology will suffer. Its
Water contamination is a really big issue too.
Farmers, gardeners, lifestyle families, trampers campers, hikers, hunters, and the food chain, all affected by 1080 poison

The 1080 National Network consists of a growing number of New Zealand citizens concerned about the continued bombardment of aerial 1080 poison over vast tracks of our "clean, green" country with complete disregard to the harmful effects of this lethal poison on both our environment and human health.

1080 FACTS
1. Aerial application of 1080 poison is banned in the U.S. due
to "the extreme hazard to human health and to the environment." (From the United States Environmental Protection Agency.)

2. There is NO ANTIDOTE for 1080 poison. Classified as a "super toxic" poison, it takes 1/500 of an ounce to kill a 68kg man. According to the U.S. EPA, there is insufficient data on the effects of low residual doses of 1080 on human health.

3. After an aerial drop, there is no control over 1080 poison. Minute quantities can be wind-blown or washed downhill. Undegraded sodium fluoroacetate (1080) travels down into the soil & ground water, therefore, it can get into tank water, streams and water supplies.

4. A 1080 pellet can last for up to six months in cool dry conditions.

5. A poisoned possum can travel 5 kilometres or more before it dies.

6. A possum carcass can take six months or more to decompose, depending on where it dies and weather conditions.

7. 1080 poison kills an unacceptable number of non-target species, including dogs, cats, deer, pigs, birds, hedgehogs, bees and other insects.

8. 1080 poison does not break down in the body therefore is a high risk of direct or secondary poisoning to non-target creatures.

9. 1080 kills insects. Sodium monofluoroacetate (1080) was patented as an insecticide in Great Britain in 1927, proving an effective contact & systemic insecticide. However, it was considered too dangerous to use! Also, a New Zealand report for Landcare NZ (Meads June '94) recommended further investigation of 1080 impact on invertebrate insect populations was urgently required.

10. 1080 is highly toxic to ALL avian species. U.S. research has proven that this lethal poison is capable of wiping out entire species, ie. Environment Canada and Canadian Wildlife Service states in their National Recovery Programme for Burrowing Owls that "a study by Butts (1973) suggested that the presence of 1080 (sodium fluoracetate) laced grain may have contributed to a 71% reduction in the breeding population of a colony of Burrowing Owls between two consecutive years.

What about our morepork?

What about our kiwi?

1080 poisoning - some physical effects on mammals: Cardiac irregularities/cardiac arrest, Anxiety, Atrophy of the brain, Respiratory problems, Central nervous system disturbances, Excitation/depression, Nausea & vomiting, Convulsions, Citrate accumulation in tissues, Organ congestion, Chronic fatigue syndrome. Note: People have suffered from several of these conditions after aerial 1080 drops.



In May 2009, 22 tonnes of 1080 poison bait is to be aerially applied over 11,000 hectares around the western and eastern Hutt rivers to the north of Upper Hutt, including the catchment area for the capital's water supply.

1080 poison has the ability to affect an unborn foetus, it is also a male reproductive toxin.

Wellington Regional Council spokesman, Murray Kennedy says the public should not worry about 1080 getting into their drinking water.

But Wanganui Animal Control Products safety data sheet states "Avoid pollution of any water supply with the product [1080]. May be fatal if swallowed. This product is toxic to most wildlife. Birds and mammals feeding on carcasses of contaminated animals may be killed."

It is a basic human right to have clean drinking water yet we are being blatantly poisoned by the very people who should have our best interests at heart.

New Zealanders are suffering from a vast range of unusual symptoms, illness and disease, now more than ever before. Even our children are suffering from rare medical conditions and cancers.

At the same time we are being bombarded by poisons. They are in the food we eat and in the water we drink. Scientific studies of 1080 on other species have concluded that the brain, heart, testes and foetus are target organs for sub lethal doses of 1080 poison.

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