Demand the stop of animal genocide, Stop the hunters,ranchers, and poachers!

It's time to stop the genocide on our animals, both wildlife and house pets! These hunting seasons have gotten way to our of control, hunters, trappers, and ranchers have no remorse on who they kill. They have killed family pets, and yet they don't get in trouble for it. They've made threats to people, wanting to kill them. It's time to stop this once and for all!  It's time that we take back nature and enjoy it, it's time we step up to protect all of our animals, it's time to put hunters, ranchers, and big money in its place and away from our wildlife!

We're tired of hunters killing our family pets, such as dogs and cats. To most, they are life long companions, friends and so much more. Already, family pet dogs were horribly horribly killed by hunters, and yet, there was no remorse. There was no arrest, no violation, nothing! That is not right, hunters are not immune to laws and rules.  It's things like this that needs to be looked at.

They need to have restrictions or ban hunting all together. They are also making warnings to people, threatening them too. What's to stop them from killing a child next? Will they escape the law then or have it be deemed legal to kill a child? We're sick and tired of the special treatment these people are getting, while we tax payers are paying the price for it. We are also tired of hunters killing our wildlife, we're tired of them targeting PROTECTED Yellowstone Wolves, often placing bounties on them. It's time that wolves get protection again. Please, stop listening to blood and big money and start listening to people. Over 90% of people in the US wants wolves PROTECTED!

All over facebook, there are pages, sickening pages that is dedicated to the graphic killings of family pets and wildlife.  Yet, they are the ones going around and threatening others, when people stand up to them. They are loving the fact that facebook won't remove the images or take down the page.  Tell me something, does this look like good " managment" to you? I sure don't, this only gives more reasons to get wolves protected! Graphic images ahead.

However, there are pages on facebook that is doing good for our wolves and animals, a page such as Howling for Wolves, a MN based page. Time and time again, the people on here has proved how much they love wolves and wants to see them protected.  They are doing everything they can to make sure they are heard.

Already, we've had species gone extinct because of trophy hunting, over hunting, and poaching. One of the species that is now gone for good is the Western black rhino

How many more animals must die? How many more house pets will die? It's time to stop the madness, we're asking you. Stop the animal genocide! Please stop the hunts! Please save our wolves, wildlife, and our pets!  Stop allowing hunters and ranchers to murder our wildlife and pets, start enforcing the rules! Ban baiting, canned hunting, hounding, and trapping!

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