BAN the retail of caged eggs!!

It's time people stop buying caged eggs for the sake of saving a few pennies! Moreover, they shouldn't be in retail in the first place. 

In Australia alone, over 90% of eggs sold are caged. If more people were to understand the cruelty these hens withstand, we could make a difference and enforce the banning of selling caged eggs.

Here is a few worst case senarios on caged hens which I thought you have the right to know:

-Each cage holds up to 3 to 7 hens while an average hen with her wings outstretched takes up to 2 cages

-It is merely impossible for a hen to walk around in her cage at all

- A heated blade is used to cut the beak (de-beaking) to avoid cannibolism from stressed hens

-many hens die from starvation and infections

-male chicks are considered useless and are killed through suffocation, crushing, or mincing immediately

-Hens are dragged from their cages, stuffed into crates and trucked to the slaughterhouse. There, they are hung upside down on a conveyor belt to wait for slaughter

-by the time these hens are slaughtered, most are unable to stand, and 56% have untreated bone damage

-A battery hen's average life span is 1 year, however in a natural environment a hen can live up to 10 years.

Please consider these facts just for one moment before you make your next purchase at the supermarket. We are shortening hens lives by 1/10 each and everytime we buy those caged eggs. I know free range eggs are alittle more pricey but if more people were to buy them, then the prices WILL go down and less and less caged eggs will be on those shelves! Together we can ban the retail of it all together. Lets raise awareness!!!

please view this website for more information on caged hens: 

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