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Ok here's my rant I feel and I'm pretty sure you guys feel the same. MATH AND ALL OTHER SUBJECTS THAT WE DO NOT NEED AND DO NOT RELATE TO WHAT WE WANT TO DO IN OUR FUTURE IS NOT NEEDED! What should be done is that we take math in 9th and 10th grade then when we get to 11th to 12th grade WE SHOULD ONLY TAKE CLASSES WE WANT AND WE NEED TO TAKE FOR OUR FUTURE JOBS! I'm going into photography or something in the arts, but also I'm focusing on working for the wwe. I DON'T NEED THIS MATH! I DON'T KNOW IT!!! I WILL NEVER KNOW IT!!! I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT! Me crying everytime I take a lesson and test or quiz is not worth it. A lot of people are not made the same. If it's not made for people to learn, then they shouldn't learn it. WE should only learn what we want and what relates to us. I don't want to stress and cry for something I don't need. If it doesn't help me pay taxes or helps me for my future job I DON'T WANT IT OR NEED IT. I am 17 years old and I need to focus on what I need in life and what will help me for my future. And subjects I waste my time on and I don't get I don't need at all. This school system needs to learn that we are our own person and we should be able to choose what we learn and what we need for OUR OWN JOBS we want. If it doesn't help for OUR OWN lives in the future WE DON'T NEED IT. Schools get so mad at us for not getting it. MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE WE DON'T NEED IT! Teach us what we need in regular life, if we don't require that kind of subject for our future job. Teach us taxes how to do them not find x in a y. I don't wanna cry and stress out for the rest of my education years just because I'm wrong all the time in a subject I don't get and I don't need for my future job I want, I should be able to work hard for the subjects I NEED and maybe want to do.
Please Share if you feel the same and feel like something should be done. And even if you aren't in school anymore, please share to help us kids out and make it easier to work for our futures.

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Update #25 months ago
I signed my own self up for credit recovery because I thought if I took action FOR MYSELF I could get through. But no, the credit recovery is even more worse. I get nothing in this even. I want one education. I'm close to dropping out and trying Adult Ed. or GED. But people tell me it's not worth it or they will screw you over. I'm already getting screwed over by HIGH SCHOOL. I should not be crying everyday and stressing out because of things I DO NOT GET OR NEED.
Update #17 months ago
It seems like I'm not making a difference. I thought maybe I could do something for mine and others future who suffer with the ridiculous school system. I will still keep the petition up. But, it seems like it's doing nothing.
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