Let's Restore the Quality of Human Communication

  • by: Marc Oparq
  • target: The World - www.Passed-On.com

When one thinks of the term “social media” what comes to mind? No matter who you are, how old, or where you live, the answer is likely “Facebook.”

Although the social networking giant has only been around for eight years, Facebook has quickly become the face of a new generation. Children are growing up online, documenting their every move. Relationships are being defined by the status of one’s digital profile. Photo albums are now the public scrapbooks of the future. Phone calls are traded for SMS and coffee shop conversations for video chats. Content is shared with abandon as photos, videos and messages are posted for the world to see.

The ubiquity and widespread use of Facebook has ushered in a whole new realm of privacy issues, blurring the line between our personal lives and online identities. The digital universe is losing touch with real, interpersonal relationships. The more Facebook "Friends" one accumulates does by no means gauge their true popularity, social skill and happiness.

Despite Facebook’s avid endorsement, the Internet lacks a true outlet for sincere and confidential interaction. This is where PassedOn comes in.

In short, www.Passed-On.com is a social enterprise where people can upload and save important thoughts, wishes and multimedia for the ones they love. Whether it is a personal message from the heart, a love confession, a late apology or a long-kept secret; PassedOn is a web-based global initiative for those who wish to create "Emotional Wills" and ensure that their most important memories will be carefully protected, shared, and cherished forever, completely free of charge.

The motivation for PassedOn, and a term the passionate group behind the website like to call "Intimedia," originated from this lack of intimacy. The core ideology of Intimedia is rooted in the belief that it is not too late to restore the quality of human communication to a more wholesome state. Unlike the inadvertent alienation that comes with Facebook, PassedOn strives to generate the opposite effect by helping its members appreciate life's most fleeting moments and the special individuals they have spent them with in a private and highly secure channel.

Within one month of being operational, the website has already exceeded expectations with significant approval and a substantial member base spanning 68 countries. While their reception has been reassuringly positive, it is always a challenge to grow an idea from the ground up. As with any radical concept, people by nature tend to reject change and as a result (or perhaps coping mechanism) associate the agent in question -- however explicitly different -- with something familiar for the sake of comfort. 

With that said, comparisons to Facebook are being made -- it cannot be helped. However, they remain steadfast in their conviction that PassedOn is a game changer. It is time for a change.

In this day and age, they say there is no such thing as a new idea. At PassedOn, they beg to differ.

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