Stop cat/kitten killing at Woodlands in Belleville formerly Branch Brook Gardens

  • by: Martha Q
  • recipient: Senator Bob Menendez,Law Enforcement, Mauro Tucci,Senator Cory Booker,Gov. Phil Murphy,Joseph DiVincenzo Jr.,Public Prosecutor's Office,New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, prosecutors office in Essex County CHLEO.legislators who support S1, Belleville, NJ

This is one of the first videos I did. Heartbreaking. An illegal metal leghold trap is suspected. (See my videos on Youtube)One with metal teeth that crushes bone and cartliage causing extreme pain! His name was Frankie. He died on the OR table. How could they? Please don't offer to help when you don't really mean it. Many offered but no one came. No rescue has come for them. Animal Protection League of NJ didn't come! Only 11th hour rescue helped me save lives. Chantelle Grant takes all kittens and friendly cats I hand over. Barb has also taken ferals to her farm! Recently another lucky Woodland cat went to live in her barn. A Vet checks on all her cats! R&M Rockin Rescues gave me Danille to help! She is the cats strongest Advocate! Thank you Danielle!  Beth and Ceceila from 11th hour rescue fostered many kittens for me. This is real. Woodlands is under investigation!Still they have the nerve to continue kitten killing! This baby was not run over by a car. That kitten died from Blunt force trauma. It was savagely beaten to death and left out in the open by the criminals that work and live at Woodlands. One full year and 2 months of cat/kitten killing. Proof that there were many cats (over 100) living at this complex. Tenants that lived here when it was known as Branch Brook Gardens know how many cats lived here! Fast forward to present-Only about at most 15 cats left. Originally constructed in 1949-1950, The Woodlands at Belleville consists of 404 units in 23, two-story buildings situated across 17.75 acres.Over 144 crawl spaces and vents. Woodlands went on a blood curdling massacre starting in October 2018. STOP THE KILLINGS. PLEASE HELP!The cats need to be RELOCATED! TNR doesn't work unless they stop killing! I am heartbroken. TNR cats Missing! This beauty was fine until she was debilitated by spaying her. No way to monitor an incision. If one of the killers tried to grab her she was an easy target. This would have been fine if she was left alone! However, they have been known to pepper spray the cats in the eyes. Many cats with fractures! I hope this new law finally lands all of them in jail. Starting from the managers who order the killings down to the murdering staff who follow these orders. You cowards! She has a name! Her name is Raven! 

New toxic management company at Woodlands (Formerly known as Branch Brook Gardens)in Belleville, New Jersey started killing/poisoning cats since October 2018. There were many cat colonies at this 440 apartment complex.They reject TNR.They don't want cats here, but charge tenants $50 rent a month per cat.These senseless killings need to stop. They (2 women managers)need to be charged for the crimes committed here. None of the murdered cats died humanely! Police have been contacted but nothing is being done so far. Woodlands believes they are above the law and continue to kill. I am only one person. I am the only one in their way of killing the cats that are left. I have been asking for help since October 2018. I paid for necropsy for this precious kitten. (See Video)The kitten was savagely beaten and crushed to death! It was left for me to see! To keep me quiet! I cried so much when I read necropsy. Another neighbor has been threatened and dead cats left near her car as well. I am sick over the killings! I have never done this petition or any of this before. Please help me save the cats. I am the colony care giver. This is a TNVR town. They violated the ordinance. This is more than animal cruelty! This is murder! Demand they get fined, arrested, and have to do community service! Get them out of here! CATS ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME. MANY MISSING! They went on a all night killing spree. New cats move in and then they too disappear. Many others have seen more. Many have been evicted or harrassed to move.Their own workers have said Managers order them to kill the cats! I have one of them recorded. Look at my Youtube Videos I have many. WARNING GRAPHIC AND GRUESOME!Very Disturbing! Please email me if you can help me save the cats. To the Vet that offered to help. Come help me relocate the few that are left. 

Look at all my Youtube videos and view my GOFUNDME page.

It is now a federal crime for animal cruelty! Do not allow Woodlands to get away with killing 100's of cats! Yes there were many, but they didn't deserve to die!

Update #5about a month ago
My entire colony is missing! I was able to locate only 2 cats. There are some in other courtyards, but they are not mine. They harassed me so they can kill the cats just like I said! I am offering REWARD for info. leading to an arrest and prosecution of the killers at Woodlands 53 Mier Street Belleville, NJ. REWARD
Update #46 months ago
COME AND HELP ME SAVE THE FEW CATS/KITTENS. Many have turned their backs on them and have turned a blind eye. THEY don't understand they can't kill off the CAT SPECIES! MORE CATS WILL MOVE IN! I will continue to come here! I am registered with the department of health. I am their caregiver. I will not give up on them. Even tho I am ill, I continue to fight for them! I gave as many kittens as I could to 11th hour rescue. Email me if you can help. PLEASE HELP ME SAVE THEM! Email
Update #36 months ago
Thank you supporters! The stress of this has impacted my health. The harassment by the managers of Woodlands Carmen and Tereza is making me very ill. Some of the men here also harass me as well. They are desperate to kill the remaining cats. Even their lawyer told me they are not wanted here. NOT PET FRIENDLY! Go see my videos. FOR MORE INFO. WARNING GRAPHIC AND SICK!
Update #26 months ago
Supporters READ our story! You are right! This is all over social media. My only defense against these bullies! Read our page and share all over social media. Let justice be served!
Update #16 months ago
I have been harassed by Woodlands 1 yr. Helped as many cats as I could.These criminals want to kill the rest of the cats.They R going 2 do this by evicting me.Cameras setup front back of house keeping the cats safe.Share the petition.Tell the media.4more info Read share GOFUNDMEpage on Ur social media.Make it go viral.Help please.Neighbors will back story.They2 R harassed N afraid of retaliation by these criminals.Thank you all! God bless!
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