End Cruel Hound Hunting. NOW!

Heartless hunters are using vicious, trained dogs to chase animals for miles and rip them limb from limb!

Add your name if you agree that this vicous "sport" needs to be made illegal all across the USA!

Imagine you're a coyote going for a walk with your family. Then you smell them...

Several frenzied, roaring hounds come bounding out of the undergrowth.

You can tell by the look in their eyes that they only know one thing: murder.

You run, and run, and run. But you have no hope. There are just too many of them.

You are backed into a corner, so you stand and fight.

They surround you, then leap in one at a time. Fangs tear open your flesh again and again.

At long last, weak from blood loss, you give out. That's when they go in for the kill.

Countless jaws close around you limbs, your throat, your ribs. They tear you apart in all directions. You spend your final moment in excruciating agony.

In the back of your mind, you hope that your death will at least mean that your cubs can get away to safety. But then you hear them crying out for you, just as they discovered by your killers...

This is what some people consider a "sport". They do it for fun. To them, it's just a cute little hobby, like bird-watching.

In truth, this unethical method of hunting is cruel and unethical.

According to the Smithsonian: "Rick Hopkins, a conservation ecologist in San Jose, California, said in an interview that he participated in a long-term study in which he helped catch and radio collar 30 Bay Area mountain lions.

"In three of the chases, a cougar was caught and viciously attacked by the dogs. He says he knows, too, of cases in which a research hunt led to a cougar kitten getting killed by the hounds."

Keep in mind, Rick Hopkins was working under carefully controlled, scientific conditions.

Imagine what happens when Cletus goes into the woods with his vicious hounds, thirsting for blood.

Congressman Tony Cardenas is a firm believer in animal rights, and that's why we're reaching out to him to do something to stop this cruelty once and for all. He said:

"I believe animals play an important role in our lives and should be protected from cruelty and abuse. By strengthening our country's animal welfare policies, Congress can make a big impact on the lives of millions."

I agree 100%! How about you?

Don't you think it's cruel and unfair for humans to hunt defenseless animals with huge packs of vicious trained dogs?

Then add your name to ask Congressman Tony Cardenas to introduce legislation that would ban hound hunting in all 50 states, once and for all!

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