Help Save Bats!

Many species of bats have severely declining populations, mostly due to disease and loss of habitation.

Bats help people in several ways. First, there are many species that can eat thousands of mosquitoes and crop destroying insects in an evening. Imagine a whole colony of bats eating away. There are others that pollinate many fruits and nuts that we enjoy.

Large Fruit Bats can spread seeds throughout the rain forest helping to plant new growth. Vampire bats have a special blood thinning chemical in their saliva that we study and use. Micro-bat's echolocation is being studied to see if we can duplicate it to assist blind people. And in addition, bat's poo, called guano, is the best plant fertilizer known to man!

Pledge to do what you can to help save bats and their habitat ... and the next time you see one indoors help it find its way outdoors safely!

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