Stop the Canada Goose Company From Using Real Fur Trim

        Canada Goose is a Canadian company that proudly announces they use real coyote fur trim on their coats. They claim coyote fur protects us from bitter cold much better than faux fur does. Most mountain climbers in the coldest climates do not use any fur at all while climbing. Their reasons are bogus. 
       What is even worse than killing the animals for material worth and money, is how they do it. In North America traps are set out in the wilderness. These traps cause harm to these poor animals by trapping them causing bone fractures, blood loss causing death, etc. These animals fight for their lives, they are traumatized and many of them try to chew either the metal contraptions breaking their teeth or die trying to chew off their limbs. They try to pull and twist away causing their limbs and joints to dislocate. They suffer immensely.
        These animals are defenseless, why take away the lives of living creatures, especially in such an inhumane way? Coyotes are the target, but many and all kinds of animals get trapped, then their carcusses are "trashed". 

we should be living in harmony, make a change!

FACT: 67% of trapped animals are not the "target animal". This 67% even includes endangered species. 

Dear Mr. Reiss, 
      You are the CEO of the Canada Goose company. You are the one who can make the change. I am sure you are aware of the cruelty of innocent animals that goes towards the production of your coats. These animals are defenseless beings that deserve to walk this Earth just as much as you and I do. Taking away the lives of these animals so cruelly is beyond wrong. Animals have feelings, familes and emotions. They cry when hurt, growl when threatened and pull and twist when trapped. They break bones and dislocate limbs trying to free themselves. I know many people do not truly understand animals and think they are of value, but many people do. This petition was created to show the bodies of people who agree with free-fur. As the CEO you have the power to make a change, and not just a change, but a revolutionary difference in the world. If Canada Goose can say, "Hey, I used to use real fur, but realized that it is wrong." then maybe people will catch on. You are currently one of the biggest companies in the world, fashion-wise. IF you take the lead and stand, maybe others will. 
       If you have not gotten the chance to watch some videos on trappings and killings, I would advise you to do so. Please, don't turn a blind eye on these innocent beings. They need you. 
  Sincerely, Roxanne and the rest of the world. 

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