Don't Force Students to Read Christian Proverbs!

Texas State Rep. Debbie Riddle is no stranger to offensive topics -- in 2010, she claimed that pregnant women were coming to the United States to have babies in order to "turn them into little terrorists who will then come back to the US and do us harm".

Now she is saying that it would be a good idea for schools to start forcing students to read Christian Proverbs each day in class. She acknowledged that the Book of Proverbs is a Christian text, but as for the members of other religions she says, "the wisdom won't do them any harm". 

Because formal prayer has been taken out of schools, she thought this would be a good constitutional idea. However this is not constitutional -- prayer and scripture readings in schools were declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court because the First Amendment prohibits public schools from promoting any religion over others. 

Tell Texas State Rep. Debbie Riddle that forcing children to read Christian Proverbs is unconstitutional and wrong! 

Dear Texas State Rep. Debbie Riddle,

I am writing to you today because of comments you made concerning the reading of Christian Proverbs in public schools.

You said that because formal prayer has been taken out of schools, it would be a good constitutional idea to have students read the Book of Proverbs every day in schools. However, this is unconstitutional, as it promotes one religion over another.

It's also offensive -- we need to acknowledge and respect all religious beliefs.

Thank you for your time. 

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