GOOGLE Again in held in a suit for Violating Privacy Policy (#1 UPDATE 3/1/2014)

In life we have experiences with organization or institutions that are less than welcoming. When you have these experiences, sometimes you go to the internet and vent what’s troubling you. You may express your disputes by way of social media which includes but is not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Linkedin, YouTube, etc. I know what you are thinking when you are reading this, well what if you are spewing slanderous postings against someone, then what?


Slander is malicious, false, and defamatory statements or reports, and Google does not have the right to impede you from posting, commenting on, replying to issues on the World Wide Web that are elements of point base and forces you to reveal your identity. Here is a LIST OF BAD INTERNET BEHAVIORS. You can add to it by emailing us.


The first amendment says that no organization or institution should prohibit the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.

This is not a conspiracy theory; these are facts, if you have incriminating material pertaining to government officials who have been sworn into office by us to serve and protect, to change our environment, to clean-up dishonesty, howsoever, they are the very ones in which has been enmeshed in these improprieties, we the people should know about it.

ABRIDGING FREE SPEECH – There are several major websites that are owned by Google, and when you are forced or asked to identify yourself online – it’s not because they are concerned that you might be spam or a non-person, Google is keeping track of what you post online, at many times not allowing you to speak or comment freely when it’s in reference to government officials. This petition is not about a specific political party - you could adore the ones we are up against. This is about Google hiding truthful facts when you post anonymously, without any legal statute or jurisprudence.

If you think what we're saying is smoke & mirrors or lies go to this link and make an attempt to comment anonymously on this exact posting without signing into Google:

 (TROOP WATCHER is a website that holds government and institutions accountable for their conduct)

Here you will see the comments not being posted & have hands on experience with Google abridging freedom of speech and press as a courtesy to governments that should be impeached for their improprieties.

You should sign this petition because FAIR IS FAIR. If governments & institutions impinge upon the law they should be held accountable. We cannot continue to close our eyes anymore. This affects everyone including you. People are going through precarious channels to protect Human & Constitutional Inherent Rights, and if we don’t sign this petition; we will be a phantom of our own words. We will no longer have to right to speak up when we see malfeasance, we will forever be silent when we see the truth, and we will become prisoners  held captive in their truth. Google has a responsibility to release accurate representation of public opinion – and when they monitor and make us identify ourselves before we say or do anything online, this is a violation of our right to anonymity when we petition the government during grievances and invite redress.

You should sign this petition because we should have the Right to Anonymous Association in Cyberspace and our anonymity should be protected. In order to ensure protection against Google’s online surveillance and to enhance the free expression of information and ideas, WE NEED TO SIGN this petition so that Google and members of our government will respect the will of us as a user on the internet & not to disclose OUR identity.

Your Rights & Liberities online need to be protected with procedural guarantees, e.g. regarding any disclosure of the identity by your personal ISP or the detention of personal data by ISP’s.

Your anonymity online is a segue for you to escape persecution of opinion, being bullied online, or danger from the government for your grievances as you seek redress, your anonymity advantages you to escape social control in governmental improprieties, and most importantly to escape the oppression and totalitarian censorship. With this petition we can bring transparency to Google’s unlawful performance online, and hold them accountable for infringing upon the 1st Amendment and Principle 7 of the Declaration by requiring that we identify ourselves as we are online so that they can collect data, and use it castigate us.

We will publicly hold them accountable. All we need is you to come together with friends, family, and co-workers and act by signing this petition which is only powerful with your signature, and lets make changes together.



We the People,

Send out this petition to hold Google accountable for online cenorship, where Google has violated the First Amendment and Principle 7 of the Declaration. Google has forced us to reveal our indentities online while responding to and addressing grievances of the government.

Our privacy online has been placed under a microscope, and with this petition, we ask the members of the government to address our concerns publicly.

We the people have concerns that Google protects authorities figures reputation who we have elected and put into office to be protect us from those that are violate the people's trust.

We have concerns that Google censors our Freedom of Speech in lieu of illuminating government officials whom are in office & are breaching their oath of office.

We have concerns that our anonymity online has been betrayed by Google as we are forced to sign into our accounts as we reply to posting, forumns, and blogs that speak about the reprisals of that office.

We asked that this petition be addressed publicly, and that Google is held accountable, and the Declaration of Principle 7 be upheld.



Update #16 years ago
*Added link that Google is continuing to breach online privacy laws.
*Thanks Again For Your Support
*Please Get your family& friends to sign
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