Demand Justice For Family Pet Beaten By Two Schoolgirls

  • by: Sasha Brandt
  • target: The NSW Police and Mayor of Kempsey

Two 14-year-olds beat their family pet dog and put a video of the crime online for fame.

They sure got the fame but there is still no justice for these two cruel animal abusers, with the local NSW police being quoted as having merely "talked to them" concerning the video.

Unrepentant, these ruthless girls continue to post and tweet disgusting comments including, "Its just a f*cking dog, I don't know why everyone is so cut up..." and "I feel pretty famous that I made the news... I've talked to the polices and when I showed them the video all they did was laugh."

Defenseless animals have a right to be heard. This is not the first time these girls have posted to the internet concerning the ongoing abuse and beatings of their dog, often laughing with like-minded friends over it.

Demand justice today for these abusers of the helpless! Today it is a helpless dog, tomorrow it is a helpless person. Violence like this cannot be tolerated, let alone laughed at by the very people responsible for enforcing the law.

The dog must be rescued today. No more tolerance for a family who finds amusement in the torture of their dog. Sign this petition today and please share with your friends.

A link to one report of the story -

I hope this email finds you well and in good health. This email concerns the health and well-being of a defenseless animal, trapped in horrible circumstances and conditions.

As Australian citizens, we pride ourselves on our Green living, our accepting stance towards all humanity, and especially our love and care of animals.

However, there has recently been an incident that has left the world shocked, Australian citizens and animal lovers mortified. Namely, two schoolgirls who ruthlessly beat and allegedly drugged their family pet before uploading a video of the incident to the internet for fame.

To see this video on the internet was a vicious blow to many, let alone to hear of the lack of justice that was served by the local Police following the incident.

According to a public Facebook post made by the Mid North Coast LAC - NSW Police Force, the girls were “spoken to by Police and are very remorseful and sorry for their actions.”. Unfortunately, the girls are clearly not remorseful in the slightest for their abusive actions, posting comments to social media including “It’s just a f*ckin dog!! Bit of weed never hurt anybody”, “It’s just a f*cking dog dunno why everyone is so cut up GRONKS”, and countless more horrifying reflections of remorselessness. The message sent to the youth of today is clear - so long as they are under-age, they can get away with anything they like after a short chat with the ‘authorities’.

While hate messages, comments, and even pages that have been springing up on social media have unwittingly promoted the two girls as the victims, the real victim remains the poor, defenseless dog, Sophie, who was unforgivably beaten by the person she trusted as only a dog can.

According to Australian law and regulations, if citizens committing a crime are considered too young to be prosecuted, the charges, even if not the full force of them, can be transferred to the legal guardians - the parents.

Please do not ignore the voices of those who are crying out on behalf Sophie. Today, the nation of Australia and the rest of the world are demanding justice for this victimised animal!

Justice is required - charges must be laid; Sophie must be rescued and re-homed.

Sasha Brandt

Animal Rights Advocate

A link to the video -

Update #33 years ago
Thank you for all your incredible support!
It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that the RSPCA has refused to reply to my petition or inform me of the wellbeing of the dog despite repeated attempts at communication.
I have no way of knowing of the dog's wellbeing or the justice handed down against the girls.
The government officials have refused responsibility of the case directing me back to the secretive doors of the RSPCA.
We can only pray justice has been served and Sophie is safe.
Update #23 years ago
More recently, the Mayor of Kempsey has been quoted as saying "The actions of these girls is not reflective of the people of Kempsey, nor is it something that has been taken lightly by the police and this community… [the police are working with] the RSPCA and have handed the enquiry to them." and "If the way that this matter is dealt with is not satisfactory it will only be changed by the NSW Government and this would require pressure from the broader community."
Update #13 years ago
Update: The Mid North Coast LAC - NSW Police Force released a statement via Facebook on April 15th including some of the following quotes:
"As most of you are aware there was some footage of a dog being mistreated being posted on numerous facebook pages and then on UTube. The two teenage girls responsible have been spoken to by Police…" and "The RSPCA has initiated its own investigation into the incident.".

Update to be continued..
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