Free Endangered Fox Mountain Mexican Gray Wolf

  • by: Susan V
  • recipient: USFWS Southwest Regional Director Dr. Benjamin Tuggle

Update: Wolf Conservation Center reports that she was captured on October 12. Continue to call for her freedom.

Fox Mountain Pack’s alpha female was targeted last summer for killing by the feds after FWS linked four cattle deaths with her pack. But thanks to public outcry, that kill order was rescinded.

However the new plan is little better, if not worse - to incarcerate her at Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, where she will be used for research on "taste aversion." She will be separated from her pups and never allowed to reenter the wild again.

Wild Earth Guardians insists that this highly social animal belongs in the wild and that there are better ways to handle cattle losses than punishing wolves.

In its statement Southwest FWS tries to justify its actions, as if there is ever any justification for imprisoning a wild animal and/or separating a mother from her cubs.

This Mexican wolf belongs to an endangered species and is part of the only identified breeding pair in the Fox Mountain pack. Removing her will be "biologically harmful" and is a huge waste of taxpayer money, adds WEG and, other wildlife advocates agree.

WEG recommends that livestock owners "either temporarily remove all livestock from the vicinity of the pups’ den, or use electric fencing or herders to manage cattle by day, and barns and corrals to secure the animals at night."

This intelligent, social animal, on whom the pack’s very existence may depend, should be allowed to live in the wild with her pups where she belongs.

Tell USFWS to FREE this endangered Mexican gray wolf.

We, the undersigned, are outraged that the USFWS would chose to kill, then imprison and separate from her pups, a valuable member of an endangered species. There are far more sensible and humane measures available for preventing cattle deaths.

Michael Robinson of the Center for Biological Diversity says that cattle losses by wolf attack are rare and preventable and should not be used as an excuse to “resume a de facto war against the beautiful, intelligent, social and very imperiled Mexican wolf.” Furthermore, ranchers are compensated for these losses, which could be easily remediated.

The very idea of intentionally killing an animal that has pups or separating from her mate one so vital to the existence of her pack should not even be considered.

If carried out, this killing would have been the first since 2007, which should have been the last. The new order to imprison the mother wolf, does nothing to remedy the situation and punishes her pups and her pack.

We thank you for withdrawing your request to kill this alpha female, but we now must insist that you allow her to live in the wild with her pups..

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