Stop the use of gas chambers and heart sticks in the way we kill our sheltered animals

  • by: Cyndy Midgett
  • recipient: President, senators, mayor and congressman

Two animal shelter employees began pulling and tugging healthy adoptable dogs about 30 feet toward the Gas Chamber -- this, in itself is savage. The eyes of the dogs are full of fear as they are shoved into a large cylinder with other dogs of all types. Next they throw puppies in the chamber along with the bigger dogs. These dogs are packed in so tightly they are having to stand on top of each other. The noise starts -- howling, clawing, fighting and the whimpering of terrified dogs. All the dogs are bewildered because they trust their human caregivers. This is far from the truth -- "Betrayal is what our caregivers have to offer"!
The lid is put into place which throws the dogs into total darkness. We can only imagine their confusion and sheer fright at this point. The button is pushed, and the two employees walk away as the gas chamber begins pumping out streams of carbon monoxide. The dogs' initial reaction is the inability to breathe thus causing more panic. They start thrashing and clawing at the chambers window in a fruitless attempt to escape. To no advail they die a horrific death which is long and torturous. When silence sets in the container lid is lifted and more dogs are dumped in on top of the dead ones. Then the process starts all over again. Often, through a miracle some dogs will survive just to relive this nightmare for a second time.
The time from inception of hell for the dogs, puppies, cats, kittens etc. to the completion of their cries of desperation, is nearly 40 minutes.
Another method of euthanizing is the heart-stick. This is an injection directly into the heart and very painful to the animal. Any animal being euthanized in this manner should first be sedated. This is not the case. They are being killed, by pushing this needle into the heart and in most cases they miss the heart completely, and the animal dies a horribly, painful death.


Just because someone takes their animal to a humane society or a shelter, it doesn't mean it is safe. As a matter of fact, owner relinquished dogs and cats are many times marched back to a room and killed soon after being taken in.
Not all Humane Shelter are No-Kill!!!!!!!!!

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