Public Campaign Financing in the Public Interest.

    Our country's voting ethic is One Person, One Vote . Sadly, the racist, misogynist, multi-generational Fascist billionaires are buying legislation and our politicians with campaign and champagne money. Republicans treat taxpayer money as their own private piggy bank, rolling back protections of the environment and financing, and continuing unfunded wars. They maxed out the taxpayer platinum card, now they are raping the Treasury for corporations that are price-gouging the public, hiding their monies and jobs offshore, and not paying their fair share now. That's YOUR money. Many are multi-national, so they're giving your money to foreign entities. too. We would be wise to remember that everything that Hitler did, and Putin does now, is "legal". They are working to turn the USA into a Kremlin-style kleptocracy. It is how they fund their endless Fascist wars. Money is definitely the root of all evil in our politics. With it, they are conducting military terrorism (threatening nuclear war), industrial terrorism - refusing to stand up to the 4Fers - the Filthy Fossil Fuel Folks (Oil, Gas, Coal, Nuclear). We do not want to be "Energy Dominant" - Goldman-Sachs president, Gary Cohn..... NO, we want to be to be Energy Independent! And we can be - at war-time speed - with Rooftop Solar. We cannot compete with this money and propaganda while they destroy our democracy, our republic, and our planet. They just passed the most immoral and un-American tax cut for the richest corporations and individuals, leaving public services (and the environment) at risk. Really?! Did Exxon deserve an annual tax windfall of $6 billion? Wells Fargo and its millions of fake accounts? Trump's $1 billion? Sec. Wilber Ross $500 million? Sen. Bob Corker $7 million? This is financial terrorism and a glaring violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution - the millionaire Congress has used it's power to further enrich themselves. This includes the abusive for-profit prison system which has turned us into the Incarceration Nation - worse than China and Russia combined. The richest member of Congress, Sen. Mark Warner (D) and the Dems voted against it. It is a classic "Bait-and-Switch" routine - like DACA and gun safety. This is a Mafia tactic, and we seem to have a Teflon Don. Generals and our intelligence services consider Trump to be our greatest national security threat. We can begin the process with one simple law. Save our country - demand Public Campaign Financing. Thank you.
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