Demand China Get Rid of Live Crab Vending Machines

  • by: SUE LEE
  • target: To Animal Welfare in the Republic of China

What do you think about buying LIVE crab from a vending machine for your next meal?  As much as anyone loves to dine on seafood, this seems to be so inhumane! Yet, vending machines containing LIVE crabs are stuffed full for a constant sell from August through October. These are live beings that are cramped together in a container and stuffed in a machine for profit.  They may look as though they are sleeping; what else can they do. 

The vending machines are located in Hangzhou in China.  Mr. Liu is the vending machines owner who is attempting this absurd venture in hopes of capturing after-hour demands for the crustacean.  This just seems like such a cruel and inhumane way for the crabs to exist until they make it to the dinner table!!

It is true that the machines are kept cool, around 5-10° C to keep the crabs preserved.  According to the original creator of this vending machine, Mr. Shi, they built a multi-tiered box designed to make crabs feel like they’re in a cave. As a result, this turned out to be more of a marketing stunt with people ogling at the crabs rather than buying them, creating a high mortality rate for these poor defenseless creatures.  It is just a ploy to promote the “shop next door” and crab sales without regard to the animals suffering within this machine.

The full story can be found at

This Mr. Liu is not only employing these powerless creatures for his personal gain, he is also utilizing some illegal practices and sells inferior crabs for personal gain.  Mr. Liu is an animal abuser and a crook!!!   Such practices must stop.

 To Animal Welfare in the Republic of China - 

To Animal Welfare in the Republic of China – Stop this cruel act of selling live crab out of a vending machine.  This is cruel and inhumane practices.  This Mr. Liu is promoting this vending machine as an ad campaign for the crab sales in his store next door.  Yet he is using illegal acts of crossing sickly crabs with high quality crustacean to escalate his sales of improper quality for personal gain.  These are all acts of cruelty and abuse against nature’s creatures and need to be addressed with stricter rules, regulations and laws protect all animals worldwide!!

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