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The U.S. citizen and and voter is well aware that either of the parties could be offering a full platform in language that anyone can understand, and that in the last 25 years or so we have been given empty rhetoric, hot-button issues, and obfuscation instead of a proper platform written in language that anyone can understand.  In spite of this very evident understanding on the part of the voter, we have been told to believe that the world has become too complex for those without MBAs, law degrees and priviledge and are expected to accept the lack of plain language platforms .  This final insult to the intelligence of the American public motivates this petitition to all members of congress to support a bill to require political candidates to provide platforms that can be understood by the average high school graduate and make them easily available to the public.  

The following platform is merely a sample to illustrate that such plain language platforms are possible and is not meant to be taken as representative of current voters' opinions:

Sample Plain-Language Presidential Platform: 

1)      A series of Tax the rich bills to effect a redistribution of wealth that recognizes the importance of the family of four income and both the value of talent, creativity, social connectedness, and hard work as well as the value of wealth and ownership: the notion of capital and capitalism (a new concept presented by Marx which takes the goods and services of the empolyeer as well as the employee and places them in the hands of the wealthy as commodities to be held, traded, or bartered at the hands of the “owners”) and skews things toward the wealthy, and communism/socialism takes that same capital as a commodity and places it in the hands of the redistribugtors, the state) skews things toward the work.  Both seem to ignore a proper appreciation of who is actually making the contributions that create the wealth necessary to run an effective economy and who actually owns them and allows their distribution.  A new system needs to look at the profits of a company in terms of one third for the employees, one third for the stockholders and one third for the executives.  It also needs to protect the customer. 

2)      A reinstate the draft bill to discipline the children of dysfunctional families, disrupt the unfortunate reality of 20-something, “google” millionaire wealth, and to provide the wealthy, the politicians, and the privileged with a proper fear of the future safety of their children that would prevent frivolous, wealth or power based conflict. 

3)      An encouragement for the governors of southern states to call out the National Guard for a state of emergency based on the criminality that exists in their border towns.  They would need one sweeping power, the power to check I.D.’s in bars, brothels, coffee shops, known crack houses and suspected crack houses as well as with the loiterers and street walkers in those villages, towns, and cities.  They would also have to be careful to check everyone, white, Latino, Asian, and black, perhaps even animal control services can be called out to check pet licenses. 

4)      A prison reform bill to get the psychologists and counselors out of their menial jobs and into facilities that take non-violent addicts into 30 day, 60 day, 90 day and 120 day treatment facilities (over and over again) until they understand themselves, their families of origin, and a twelve step program sufficiently to turn their lives around.  This would save billions compared to the current incarcerations in prisons for so many years.  The entire population is beginning to look like an episode of Lock Up and for that reason, we must conclude that reform is necessary.  We are being too harsh and ignoring real solutions.  Retraining of current prison guards as drug and alcohol counselors for the new facilities will help the transition.

5)      A health care bill that would transform the current situation that has turned health care into the murder of the elderly and the poor and the indulgence of the privileged hypochondriac into one that understands, educates, and heals those who require medical attention. 

6)      A GI Bill that actually allows our veterans to get the help they need and the appreciation they deserve without the spin and grousing of the bitter.

7)      Student grants and loans that the student-aged can actually qualify for.   Keeping the amounts at the level of the 70’s while disqualifying most and leaving them to the despair driven drug and bar scenes merely creates a frustrated youth with no access to anything but anarchy and revolution. 

8)      A collective bargaining amendment that would both guarantee the family of four income, insure the existence of unions, and avoid the abuses of unions that have been demonstrated since the time of Samuel  Gompers. 

9)      A bill or a committee that could guarantee that social security and Medicare could be run at a profit just as insurance companies do in the private sector.

10)   A bill that could guarantee that the ten commandments and nativity scenes can be enjoyed by the secular as well as the religious as cultural and historical realities that we all want to enjoy and protect them from a few nitpicking spoilsports who want to abuse the separation of church and state. 

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