Destiny: Third-person Camera Toggle option is a must for the Destiny campaign!

This petition is being started for those who desire to play the game Destiny in third person! For those who are looking to assure their voices are heard, rather than ignored! This is to show Bungie that the optional third person view is much desired and that it should be added for that very reason!

For those who want to experience the game in the manner in which it was originally intented to be played... For that person who wants to experience ths complete spectacle of the game, this petition will act as your vehicle toward getting it done!

We're off to s good start, Signatures are coming in! Don't let your voice go unheard! Sign today and bring on a change for the better!

And once you've signed, ask your freinds, and even your family to join you in making this happen! Don't be afraid to share this petition with everyone! Don't be afraid to show your passion; do it via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and any other way you can imagine!

Let Bungie know what you want today!

The power is within YOU! And, THIS, is how we get things done!

Update: It's great to see the number of votes still increasing! Also great to see you all are sharing whereever possible! Lets keep that going, share this petition with all your freinds and with others on Twitter and Facebook! We've got 12 shares on one and 2 on the other and while this is a good start, I'm sure we can make it better!

Lets get more votes in! Lets get more shares going, Push hard on this everyone, these petitions are timed to expire! So lets make this one count!  

  • If you are someone who desires to experience the grand spectacle of a game like game Destiny, you should sign this petition!

  • If you desire to play games in third person more than first person, you truly should sign this petition!

  • If you are one who really believes that a game with so much customization should allow you to fully enjoy your choice of expression in the game while on the battlefield, then you should sign this petition!

  • If you passed on buying this game because it has no option to play the campaign in third person, but still hope to buy it if the feature is added, you should sign this petition!

  • If you're just plain bothered by first person or absolutely hate playing in first person, then you should sign this petition!

  • For gamers everywhere who want to add your voice to this request, let Bungie know, this is the feature you truly want to see; let them know today... Sign and make yourselves heard!

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