Demand that Denmark abides by EU rules! Stop supporting the grindadrap in the Faroe Islands!

To all 751 EU MEP's.
We are asking you to ensure that Denmark abides by all EU rules and dictates regarding partaking and assisting in the illegal Grindadrap that occurs in the Faroe Isles.

The long-finned pilot whale is listed in Appendix II of Convention on Migratory Species (CMS), meaning that the International Union for Conservation of Nature has determined that although the species is not necessarily threatened with extinction, it may become so unless hunting is closely controlled. There is no information on global trends in population, and with a wide range of threats to populations, from military sonar to entanglement in fishing gear, it is believed that populations could face a reduction of 30% over three generations.

Therefore, the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats classifies the long-finned pilot whale as "strictly protected" under Appendix II.

While the Faroe Islands are not a member of the European Union, they remain a Danish Protectorate. In other words, even though the Faroes are self-governing, Denmark controls the police, defence, foreign policy, and the currency. All trade with EU countries is handled through the Danish foreign ministry. The primary reason for the Faroes abstaining from joining the EU was in an effort to prevent the EU from meddling in their fishing policies. The slaughter of cetaceans is illegal within the European Union.
Denmark fails to abide by their obligations as a co-signer of the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats (also known as the Berne Convention). It is our position that Denmark fails to fulfil its obligations under the Berne Convention for a number of reasons:

1. The Faroe Islanders, who are Danish nationals, deliberately kill protected species that are listed under Appendix II of the Berne Convention.
2. While the Faroe Islanders claim that that the grind is not a commercial hunt, grind meat is sold in supermarkets, hotels and restaurants, contributing to a trade that is even marketed to other European visitors to the Islands.
3. The long-finned pilot whale passes through Faroes waters on an annual migration route to feed in Arctic waters. A single grind can completely decimate, and sometimes completely eradicate, an entire pod. This slaughter occurs in, and around, Danish territorial lands.

Update #58 years ago
Today another brutal grind happened in the Faroe Islands. About +- 150 pilot whales were brutally slaughtered with the Danish navy once again in full support. Please keep signing and sharing every day.
Update #48 years ago
This morning a pod of 25-30 pilot whales narrowly escaped with their lives during an attempted Grind in the Faroe Islands. Despite their claims to the contrary, it is clear that the Danish Naval vessel, the HDMS Triton was intimately involved in today’s arrests of 2 Sea Shepherd volunteers, and that the Danish Navy are deeply entrenched in the grindadráp,” said Captain Meyerson of the MV Sam Simon. Please keep signing and sharing this petition every day.
Update #39 years ago
Thank you for your support! We have had over 70,000 signatures in a touch over 2 weeks. Let's move it to the next level and aim at 100,000 or even more. The EU Mep's need to make their stance clear. Thank you for your continued support. Please share every this every day.
Update #29 years ago
With your incredible support the petition has reached 22,000+ signatures in just 3 days !!! Thank you and please keep signing and sharing every day!
Update #19 years ago
UPDATE: 1 July 2015: With your incredible support the petition has reached 10,000+ signatures in just over 2 days !!! We have an opportunity of getting this petition to go viral and making a real difference by bringing it to the fore in the EU !!! Thank you and please keep signing and sharing every day
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