People Are Screaming for the Government to Ban Assault Rifles! #DOSOMETHING!

Care2 Update: Yesterday, March 23, 2021, ten more people lost their lives to gun violence in a Boulder grocery store. Just days before, the NRA celebrated overturning Boulder's assault weapons ban, meant to stop mass shootings.This was the seventh mass shooting in seven days in the U.S. Now, Biden is also calling on Congress to act. Keep signing and sharing the petition to demand change!

They were watching a movie in Aurora. They were learning to read in Newtown. They were celebrating in San Bernardino. They were dancing in Orlando. They were playing baseball in Alexandria. They were listening to music in Las Vegas. They were praying in Sutherland Springs. They were in class in Parkland. They were celebrating the arrival of a new baby in Pittsburgh. They were enjoying the festivities in Gilroy. They were shopping in El Paso. And they were enjoying a night out on the town in Dayton.

And then they were killed by an assault-style rifle.

In just eight days in the summer of 2019, 35 people were gunned down by three deranged gunmen. It happened at the Gilroy Garlic Festival on July 28th, and then a little more than a week later, two mass shootings took the lives of 31 people in the span of just 14 hours. Like the location of the shootings suggests, these massacres can happen anywhere and at anytime. But they won't happen so often and with such horrifyingly high body counts if we can get assault weapons off our streets.

Assault-style rifles are designed to kill a lot of people quickly. That is their sole purpose, and that is why they are used so often in mass shootings. Seven out of the 10 mass shooting incidents with the highest number of people killed and wounded in the U.S. involved an assault-style rifle.

An assault weapons ban was in place for 10 years in the United States before Congress let it expire in 2004. In the years since the NRA stopped the ban from being reauthorized, the death toll has spiked significantly.

When a gunman killed 35 people at a popular tourist site in Port Arthur, Australia in 1996, the government reacted by putting server restrictions on legal gun ownership. After a white supremacist stormed two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, the nation banned assault rifles altogether. Yet after the umpteenth mass shooting in America, our government officials send thoughts and prayers, blame video games and homosexuality. Anything but the real culprit staring them in the face. GUNS!

How many more people have to die? How many more families must be torn apart? How many more friends must be lost before our country recognizes the need for gun control?

Even some on the right are fed up with the senseless violence and loss of life. The Murdoch-owned New York Post has gone so far as to demand that Trump take action on the cover of their Monday, August 5th cover.

It is time to say enough is enough. Sign this petition to demand that the U.S. Congress acts now to pass legislation banning assault rifles.
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