Demand a Green Tomorrow for Niagara

We at Green Tomorrow Niagara believe Canada's current plans of reducing its carbon footprint just aren't enough. New information and data has proven that this crisis is a lot closer and deadlier than we could have guessed. But with your support, we could turn Niagara Falls into a shining example of a community that is sustainable, clean, and thriving, allowing us to expand these practices to the entire Niagara Region and even beyond that to Ontario and Canada as a whole.

Green Tomorrow Niagara is pushing for:

Introduction of moss walls and more plants around the city to increase air quality and reduce CO2

Introduce more green spaces in busy public places, and put up vertical gardens on the sides of buildings and highway sound barriers

Start a fund or for community gardens to make the growing of food easier, and more accessible

Get in touch with Indigenous leaders and communities to find ways to improve sustainability and become more eco-friendly

Ban the use of single use plastics, plastic packaging in stores and styrofoam, make businesses switch to more eco friendly methods of packaging

Introduce a plan to help the homeless by giving them the opportunity to grow their own food with gardens, as well as offering them jobs to maintain city plants and clean up litter

Force businesses to stop throwing out excess foods and have them supplied to homeless shelters

Increase the amount of recycling bins and waste bins to prevent littering
Introduce composting to more distant communities in Niagara such as Chippawa

Putting more funding into public transport and bike lanes to reduce the incentive to purchase a car and reduce emissions

Introduce the concept of wildlife bridges on busy roads and highways in the Niagara Region
Get in touch with prisons and allow inmates the opportunity to help cultivate gardens and recycle, possibly giving them jobs once their sentences have been served
Introduce rooftop gardens and trees, plant more flowers to increase the bee and butterfly population

Introduce refill stations in stores to allow people to reuse existing containers for products like dish soap, toothpaste, water and beverages, dried foods and nuts, even spices and makeup products

This list is not set in stone, we are happy to hear any feedback, ideas or concerns
Contact us at, or follow us at @greentomorrowniagara on Instagram

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