Stop supporting any marine zoo or sea world (especially the dolphin show)

    Dolphins follow the performers’ orders, they perform different underwater tricks like a magician. Every time they finish an act, they get a little fish for a reward, then they come back inside the house. Sounds like a sweet job, right? But we don’t know the pains that they suffer behind our back.
    Many dolphins kept in captivity used to be free in their natural habitat - the ocean. To capture them from the ocean, the process can be long and full of torture. According to World Animal Protection, “Dolphins are chased to exhaustion by people in speedboats...In a panic, the dolphins often injure themselves when they ram the net trying to escape.” Dolphin capturing requires a large investment; as a result, illegal animals trading starts thriving.
    The ocean is a perfect habitat for dolphins because they need to swim a lot every day, and they need cold sea water. Being stuck in a small, shallow pool makes them only able to swim in circles and expose them to heat, which tortures them physically and psychologically. Not to mention that starvation is the common method used to train dolphins. Imagine being starved just to amuse other people; that’s an extremely inhumane behavior.
    It is necessary for us to stop supporting marine parks. Keeping animals away from their natural habitat for human beings’ amusement is unfair. Animals being tortured just to amuse people is an extremely inhumane behavior. Just because animals don’t speak the language we speak doesn’t mean they are not in pain because of the things that we do. We are human beings with compassion and love for all kinds of animals, and we need to treat animals with respect, not with cruelty.
    Despite the fact that many people are aware of the cruelty behind dolphin show, many people don’t do anything about it. They only gain awareness on this issue, but some of them still continues to support the dolphin show business.
    What we need to do is pretty simple. We can stop supporting SeaWorld. Even if we only go to the marine zoo but not watch the show, we still support the torture of dolphins. If we don’t support SeaWorld anymore, they would stop hosting different shows and those ocean creatures because it isn’t profitable, and the dolphins wouldn’t be kept an inhumane manner. Please sign this petition in consideration of the pain that thousands of dolphins suffer. Let our voices be heard by every person who cherishes the existence of animals.
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