#NeverTrump Join the Movement: Reject Trump's Hate and Division

The United States of America is at a crossroads -- and it's up to us to protect America's most cherished ideals.

Will the US continue to strive for justice and opportunity for all of the nation's people -- or will we embrace the fear and intolerance embodied in Donald J. Trump's campaign for the White House?

Add your name to this petition now if you believe Donald Trump should not be the next President and are committed to stopping him from taking office.

Trump's vision for America is inconsistent with the US Constitution and extremely dangerous to the world. He would forcibly remove 11 million people from the country. He would ban Muslims from coming to America. He would disqualify federal judges based on their gender, their faith -- and even their family's cultural heritage.

He has openly called for our military to commit war crimes. He has argued in favor of nuclear proliferation and reneging on US commitments to our allies. He has even begun restricting the freedom of the press and has promised to continue doing so if elected. If he is willing to so blatantly violate our first amendment rights, which other rights will he go after?

At the beginning of Trump's candidacy, most of us considered him a joke. But it's not funny anymore. Donald Trump has an actual shot at winning this election. That's a terrifying prospect that means none of us can afford complacency this election cycle. He must be stopped -- and it is going to take Democrats, Republicans, Independents and people of all political persuasions to do that.

The Care2 Election Team want to put the power in the people's hands. Sign on to our #NeverTrump campaign for the best, most up-to-date tactics for blocking Donald from taking office. Ideas for individuals, organizations, social media and more.

Trump's single-minded dedication to his own advancement makes him willing to do or say almost anything to gain and exploit political power. It is up to us to elect a leader that isn't Donald Trump. Right now, electing Hillary Clinton is our only chance for defeating Trump.

Take a stand for your country. Please sign this urgent petition now and pledge to help us build the movement for an America that is more free, fair, and compassionate.

-The Care2 Election Team
Update #1about a year ago
Trump has announced his running mate: Governor Mike Pence of Indiana. He is just as horrifying as you’d expect. Time to share this info with all your friends and family.
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