ASU, expel students who harassed White students for 'Police Lives Matter' sticker!

  • by: Timothy Jun
  • recipient: Michael M. Crow, President of Arizona State University

Being treated unfairly and harassed because of race is unacceptable. For a long time, Blacks in America were subject to racism, and they fought hard to end racism, especially segregation. I much Blacks are treated unfairly because of their race. 

Also, these days, police officers are facing hard times. They're being vilified, and the public no longer respects them. Even they do something like firing a gun to keep others safe, so-called 'activists' side with criminals involved. However, a recent event at Arizona State University made my blood boil. 

Direct incident video

Incident Report

As the clear video, I attached shows, these White students were minding their business, until two girls (they're students, too), one identifying herself as a Black, asks them to leave. 

When a White student asks what's wrong, the girl answers, "You are offensive. Police Lives Matter?", stating they're making this place 'uncomfortable'.

When the males pointed out that they have the "same sticker" for BLM and that they "are just trying to do school," the girls responded that those rules don't apply to them because "this is [their] space." 

She also says later this: "No, it's not a culture! White is not a culture! Say it again to the camera. You think Whiteness is a culture?" 

The female students spent over seven minutes harassing them, claiming that because they are "white men," they think it's appropriate to "take up their space." The girls accused the male students of supporting White Supremacy and claimed their support of Police meant the white male students aligned with "White Nationalism."

When a White student had enough and left, these girls laughed and mocked him. 

After this incident video got viral, ASU immediately responded:

ASU statement

However, ASU's statement is unacceptable. The statement states "The Dean of Students Office is aware of the disagreement between a handful of students that was captured in a video circulated on social media."

This is not a 'disagreement'. This is bullying. This is harassment. What if attackers were White, and Black students were harassed? 

I managed to gain access to an Instagram account involved in this incident, but one of their content was so disturbing, that I reported it to Instagram right away. 

Here's Instagram account

Disturbing content about 'Police Lives Matter'

Their post states 'Police Lives Matter' is an explicit rejection of the Black Lives Matter movement and therefore an overt threat to Black lives. This is straight-up a heinous attack on police officers, who put their life on the line every day to keep everyone safe. 

More about attackers

The actions of these girls on the video are unacceptable. They bullied and harassed White students because of their race and the sticker on the laptop. They openly showed disrespect to police officers. 

We know Blacks suffered because of racism and police brutality for a long time, and we know how much they felt. That's why we stood for them. That's why we supported 'Black Lives Matter' and stood for racial justice. 

However, that doesn't mean we have to accept an awful situation like this. Black students who did this should know that no matter which race is, everyone must be treated fairly. No one should be harassed and bullied because of their race and skin color. I want to ask these girls: How would you feel if you're bullied because of your skin color? 

In addition, cops put their lives on the line every day, to keep us safe. We know, some of the people getting shot and tased were police brutality, but in most of the cases I saw, it was caused because people didn't comply with the officer's command, resisted arrest, aimed at the cops with a gun, etc. Most incidents were preventable if they just complied. If they felt they were treated unfairly, they can just write a complaint or sue. 

What these girls showed is bullying, harassment, complete disrespect of police officers. They don't deserve a spot in university. 

I demand ASU expel these girls immediately.

When Sarah Braasch at Yale University harassed Black student Lolade Siyonbola, we stood up for her. We stepped up to support her while telling Sarah racism won't be tolerated anywhere in the world. 

Now, we must step up for this again. No one should be bullied and harassed because of their race and skin color, and this counts to everyone in the world, including Whites, Asians, Latino Americans, etc. Also, police officers must be respected for their hard work to keep the community safe. 

ASU must take strong action against this kind of harassment, and make sure these girls don't get away with this. 

Sign now and let ASU know that the world will not tolerate any kind of hate.

Update #37 months ago
-ASU is moving to discipline these girls, but they're trying to make excuses and form 'the mob' to justify their racist acts. Don't let these racist girls and 'the mob' win!
Update #210 months ago
-I discovered outrageous news that Several student groups at ASU decided to support these attackers, stating white students in the viral video had “provoked” the female students by displaying what they called “their white nationalist symbols and slogans”.
These White students never provoked anyone! We need more support to tell ASU this is WRONG.
Update #110 months ago

One of the attacker's identities is revealed: Sarra Tekola, SOS PhD student
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